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Backend (Python/Django), Hybrid (Ionic/Cordova) Entwickler und Amazon Web Services SysAdmin

Profilbild von Oliver Herrera Backend (Python/Django), Hybrid (Ionic/Cordova) Entwickler und Amazon Web Services SysAdmin aus Berlin
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  • Abschluss: M. Sc. Elektroteschnik
  • Stunden-/Tagessatz: 30 €/Std. 140 €/Tag
  • Sprachkenntnisse: deutsch (Grundkenntnisse) | englisch (verhandlungssicher) | spanisch (Muttersprache)
  • Letztes Update: 18.02.2019
• Python/Django programming skills (+4 years)
• REST API programming skills (+4 years)
• Ionic/Angular programming skills (+3 years)
• Web crawler programming skills (+3 years)
• Ansible programming skills (+2 years)
• Deployment/scaling knowledge
• Amazon web services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure knowledge (SysAdmin)
• Git versioning knowledge
• HTML, CSS, Javascript and TypeScript programming skills (+4 years)
• PostgreSQL, MongoDB and MySQL programming knowledge
• Task queue knowledge (Celery – RabbitMQ/Redis)
• Tokbox, Twilio, Braintree, OneSignal, Branch, Urban Airship integrations
• Linux server administrator and Bash programming skills
• Mikrotik routers knowledge
• MATLAB & Simulink for analysis and model identification/verification
September 2009 – February 2010
Member of a team responsible for developing a plugin for a transport system manufactured by Bosch at the MMI institute. The work consisted in updating their system (Windows NT based) to a newer one. Reverse engineering (CAN sniffing) and C++ (Qt application) was used in this project.

September 2010 – April 2011
Responsible for developing an OPC client for a Sawmill in the south of Chile to control the system remotely and collect production variables for further analysis.

May 2011 – April 2013
Responsible for developing a bait car to avoid car theft in Santiago, Chile. The car was equipped with GPS, video cameras streaming live the inside of the car, an engine current stopper and doors lockers. Everything was controlled remotely from a web application. Responsible of a Linux Server as administrator for several web applications.

June 2013 - Today
Responsible for developing the Backend for a neighborhood administrator application for an Argentinian Startup called Mi Vecindario (https://www.mivecindarioweb.com). The Backend communicates with the application using a REST API, which allows it to signup-login (both using Facebook), create and edit wall post, upload images, create profiles, comment and reply to comments, search for the nearest community, among other functionalities. Push notifications are used to alert user of new events and news (OneSignal integration).

Responsible for developing the Backend for a video/audio chat iOS application for client in The United States of America. The Backend allows the application to create video/audio chat rooms with other users within the application using WebRTC technologies (Tokbox integration) and receive payments for those calls (Braintree integration).

Responsible for developing an e-commerce for craft beer in Santiago for a Startup in Chile (www.lamejorcerveza.cl). Two web applications were created (admins.lamejorcerveza.cl and www.lamejorcerveza.cl) and they communicate with each other by a REST API. La Mejor Cerveza connects brewers with buyers through a web application.

Responsible for developing a pet tracker for a Startup in Chile. A web application, a REST API, an iOS and an Android application were created. Users are able to locate their pets on a map using the application (each pet has a tracker collar attached to them which uses GPS, cellular and WIFI signals to get its location). Everything is controlled remotely from a central server.

Responsible for developing a virtual training partner platform for a chain of gymnasiums in Argentina. A web application was created for users to train along with
the platform using several uploaded training videos. This system keep track on the user’s progress and recommends new sets for the user to try. The application was developed to be use with LG Smart TVs and it will be available on the LG application market.
Responsible for developing a Cloud based content client for a Startup in Chile. A web application was created to offer users the possibility to watch streamed content like TV shows and/or movies and also the possibility to synchronize the content to their Dropbox or Google Drive accounts. Everything is done using a high-speed private cloud network.

Responsible for developing a WIFI service provider for a Startup in Chile. A web application was created to promote and offer the service to users within WIFI signal ranges. Users connected to any WIFI signal are able to buy monthly subscriptions or megabytes packages for them to connect to the internet. Everything is controlled remotely from a central server.
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