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Profilbild von Reinhold Mathmann IT Solution Consultant aus Petershausen
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  • Abschluss: University Degree in Mathematician
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Profilbild von Reinhold Mathmann IT Solution Consultant aus Petershausen
Profile - Career, Experiences, Activities and Projects / Mandates
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Since 2009:   Freelance IT Solution Consultant, successful completion of many mandates in various IT roles
1999 – 2009: Many years of experience as Senior (Technical) Consultant and System Developer
     2008 – 2009: Senior Consultant Automotive at Atos Origin GmbH
     2001 – 2008: Senior (Technical) Consultant at Softlab GmbH (since Jan 2008 Cirquent GmbH, since Apr 2012 NTT Data), Zamdorfer Straße 120, D-81677 Munich, Divisions „Supply Chain Management”, „Sourcing and Procurement” and „Aftermarket”
     1999 – 2001: System Developer at debis Systemhaus GEI, branch office in Hamburg, Division „Transport” (E-ticketing & Information systems for public transport)

  • Many years in IT consulting and engineering in agile and classic waterfall projects
  • Consulting competence at the interface between Business and IT
  • Engineering competence due to many years in software development
  • Business and technical analysis, conception and design
  • Architectural design of system interfaces, IT systems and platforms
  • Project lead, Application manager
  • Coordination with participating development parties and monitoring and quality assurance of the results
  • Collaboration with partners / clients and project members in system integration and implementation
  • Consulting in individual solutions based on a Java Tech Stack, but also based on purchasing solutions
  • Industry focus on automotive, minor experience in public transport and telecommunications
  • Creating business and system proposals, IT and exploration concepts
  • Creating product backlog items, above all Feature descriptions (FD RG 1 & 2), Epics and User Stories
  • Recording of As-Is processes and system landscapes, incl. weak point analysis
  • Requirements engineering (via free template based text and different tools)
  • E2E design of target business processes (via free text and BPMN)
  • Identification, design and evaluation of solution alternatives
  • Use case specification (using templates and UML diagrams)
  • Data / object modelling (using ERM and UML diagrams)
  • Conception of implementation logic
  • Application of Operation Research methods for Optimization Problems
  • Architectural design of systems / platforms (conceptual, functional, execution ITA views) and software
  • Interface design and creation of interface specifications and contracts (based on templates)
  • Creation, coordination and control of change requests to surrounding systems
  • Onboarding, coaching and guidance of project members and internal / external colleagues
  • Software development of individual solutions with focus on JEE and relational database technology
  • Modelling and rollout of ALM processes and tools (Software Industrialization)
Project history since 2009, previous references see attachement.

Since Apr 2017 (24 months, Automotive OEM - Telematics)

   *** Open Telematics Platform (OTP) ***
  • Roles IT Solution Consultant / Architect, SW-Tester QA, Rollout Coordinator
  • Scope
    • Creation and coordination of business and system proposal for integration of time series telematics data in OTP and forwarding to 3rd parties and private end customers
    • Creation of an exploration concept for new NoSQL database for time series telematics data
    • E2E Design of a new business and technical process for major legal updates of TAC and DPP
    • Creation and coordination of business proposal for rollout of OTP to China
  • Activities
    • As-Is Process and System Recording, Delta analysis of basic EMEA processes and platform
    • Requirements engineering (functional and non-functional)
    • E2E Design of target business processes
    • Use Case specification (using templates and UML diagrams)
    • Identification, design and evaluation of solution alternatives
    • Preparation and presentation of decision-making documents - Driving decision making
    • Design of logical data model
    • Interface design and alignment with interface partners
    • Design of conceptual and functional IT Architecture
    • Creation of Epics and User Stories, Quality assurance of feature specifications
    • Creation, coordination and control of change requests to surrounding systems
    • Test and acceptance of software deliveries, Troubleshooting
    • Interfacing Business and IT department, Coaching client stuff and external colleagues
    • Coordination of integration, migration, rollout with a new policy mgmt. system (EMEA & NA)
  • Methods Hybrid project management, Scrum, ITPM, BPMN, UML, ERM, Meta ITA, REST
  • Tools / Tech Stack Confluence, Jira, HP ALM, ITSM Suite, OpenAPI/Swagger, REST, JSON, XML, cURL, MagicDraw, Meta ITA Templates, MS Office, MS Visio

Oct 2014 - Jun 2017 (33 months, Automotive OEM - Customer Data Management)

   *** Global Customer Data Management (GCDM) ***
  • Roles Lead of business design team, IT Solution Consultant / Architect, System Integrator, SW-Tester QA
  • Scope
    • System integration of various client frontends and backends into the central platform for customer data management
    • Advice on the construction and further development of the platform​​​​​​​
  • Activities
    • Management and representation of business design team
    • Tracking and presenting progress on actual status and cost to project management
    • Engaging with clients / partners to get success of system integration, e.g. technical enabling
    • Identification, evaluation, elaboration of potentials for further development of the platform
    • Support in requirements capturing and recording
    • Break down work structure, Pre-define work packages
    • Estimation of the expenses of creation of FD RG1, FD RG2 and its implementation and testing
    • Presentation and enforcement of estimates to the contracting authority
    • Specification of FD RG1 and FD RG2 documents (FD RG = Feature Description Reifegrad)
    • Creation of backlog items - Epics, user stories and tasks
    • Coordination of implementation with product owners and development teams
    • Configuration, test and acceptance of software deliveries
    • Onboarding and coaching of project members
  • Methods Hybrid project management, agile fixed price, Scrum & Kanban, ITPM, UML, EPK, ERM, Meta ITA
  • Tools / Tech Stack Confluence, Jira, HP ALM, ITSM Suite, Meta ITA Templates, proprietary Estimation Sheets and FD templates, MS Office, MS Visio,
                                    OpenAPI/Swagger, REST, JSON, XML, cURL, JEE, AngularJS, PostGreSQL, LDAP, Axway API Gateway, MQ Series, Apache Velocity, SVN, Jenkins

May 2014 - Oct 2014 (6 months, Automotive OEM - Telematics)

  *** Data quality assurance in Vehicle Online Apps ***
  • Roles Data Quality Analyst
  • Scope Data quality assurance of provider content for Vehicle Online Apps, e. g. Parking App
  • Activities
    • Definition and reconciliation of data quality metrics and KPIs
    • Implementation of metrics & KPIs with integration of certain provider interfaces via Talend
    • Monitoring of metrics and KPIs on certain provider content
    • Support with RFQ / tender, provider nomination and selection of content providers
    • Coaching internal stuff in using the implemented monitoring tool
    • Coaching colleagues in integration of further provider interfaces via Talend and QA in general
  • Methods ITPM
  • Tools / Tech Stack Talend, SoapUI, REST-Client, cURL, proprietary DQ tools, ITSM, MS Office

Sep 2013 - Apr 2014 (8 months, Automotive OEM - Telematics)

  *** Content Provider integration (CPI – eMobility content) ***
  • Roles System / Content Integrator, Data Quality Analyst, Tester
  • Scope Integration of eMobility content into vehicle online apps for various markets / countries
  • Activities
    • IT Design of content provider integration (integration via web services or csv file)
    • Creation of necessary CRs, interface specifications and contracts as well as SLAs
    • Engaging with global content providers to get success of the system / content integration, i.e. onboarding, enabling and support of providers during integration
    • Coordination and execution of functional / technical tests (manual / automatic) of the integration via SoapUI, incl. acceptance
    • Tracking and presenting progress to contracting authority
  • Methods ITPM
  • Tools / Tech Stack SoapUI, REST-Client, cURL, proprietary test tools, XML Spy, MS Office

Sep 2013 - Apr 2014 (8 months, Automotive OEM - Production)

  *** Planning and evaluation of vehicle-related projects (BOA) ***
  • Roles Business Analyst
  • Scope Application improvement
  • Activities
    • As-is / weak point analysis of an existing application
    • Identification, evaluation and elaboration of improvement potentials with regard to usability, reporting, offline enabling, mobile devices.
    • Requirements engineering (functional)
    • Creation of change requests and business specifications
  • Methods not relevant
  • Tools / Tech Stack MS Office

Jan 2012 - Aug 2013 (20 months, Automotive OEM - Telematics)

  *** Business Integration Platform (BIP – new central accounting platform) ***
  • Roles IT Solution Consultant / Architect, Product Owner, Tester QA
  • Scope Application design of the BIP with regard to overall integration, customizing and configuration
               (based on Order2Cash product of Orga Systems OPSC Gold as billing & rating component and CustomerCare / Ericsson Order Care product as CRM component)
  • Activities
    • Requirements engineering (functional and non-functional)
    • Quality assurance and detailing of lifecycle management processes in BPMN
    • Specification of use cases based on the lifecycle management processes
    • Business design of the modules of the new central accounting platform
    • Responsible for the customer module
    • Design and coordination of system integration of the 2 purchasing product
    • Creation, QA and coordination of CRs and interface specifications and contracts
    • Test and acceptance of software deliveries
    • Engage with solution providers to get success of the system integration, customizing and configuration, i.e. onboarding, enabling and support of providers during integration
    • Coaching internal client stuff, Onboarding / coaching colleagues
  • Methods Waterfall, ITPM, BPMN, UML, Meta ITA
  • Tools / Tech Stack HP ALM, MS Office, MS Visio, Visual Paradigm, Meta ITA templates, proprietary CR templates, 
                                    Order2Cash solution with Orga Systems OPSC Gold as billing & rating component and CustomerCare / Ericsson Order Care as CRM component

Aug 2011 - Dec 2011 (5 months, Automotive OEM - Telematics)

  *** ConnectedDrive Accountmanagement for BMW i ***
  • Roles Business Analyst, IT Solution Consultant
  • Scope Creation of system proposal
  • Activities
    • Requirements engineering (functional and non-functional)
    • Analysis & enhancement of business processes with regard to eMobility features of BMW i
    • Specification of use cases, incl. static and dynamic models
    • Enhancement of logical data model
    • Design of the user model with authorization concept, mask design and dialog processes
    • Update of IT Architecture
    • Definition of integration scenarios and specification of interfaces
    • Specification and introduction of BMW i specific CRs into the evolving overall account management solution of BMW
  • Methods Waterfall, ITPM, BPMN, UML
  • Tools / Tech Stack MS Office, MS Visio, Visual Paradigm, ITA Templates

Feb 2009 - Jul 2011 (30 months, Automotive OEM - Procurement & Sourcing (PS) / Cost management)

  *** Procurement & Sourcing – CBD, WSA, Tire sourcing ***
  • Roles IT Solution Consultant, Product Owner, Rollout Coordinator
  • Scope 
    • Design and rollout of the CBD and WSA process (Cost-Breakdown, Wertschöpfungsanalyse)
    • Application maintenance of the B2B application ESL (Electronic Supplier Link)
    • Modelling optimization problem for tire sourcing via operations research methods
    • Driving forward various IT methodologies and introduction of IT templates in PS department
  • Activities
    • Business and technical design, test, acceptance, rollout and further development of the group-wide CBD process for parts and tools, including CBD web form
    • Modelling and prototyping of the mathematical optimization problem in tire sourcing
    • Test, acceptance and rollout of the group-wide WSA process
    • Integration of CBD and WSA into central sourcing platform STAR
    • Application maintenance and redesign of the B2B application ESL
    • Internal interface with various stakeholders
    • Creation of an initial document for the client empowerment of the procurement systems
    • Creation of requirement specification template
    • Coaching internal client stuff and onboarding / coaching new colleagues
  • Methods Waterfall, BPMN, UML, Operations Research (linear modelling)
  • Tools / Tech Stack OR optimizer, MS Office, MS Visio
Available as of 01.04.2019
Geographical availability: Greater Munich +/- 100 km

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