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  • 06/2008 - 08/2008

    • ADS Technology
  • Technician
  • This consisted of preparing wire looms ready for instalment into buildings. This involved
    both working on own and as a team member within different departments to prepare wire in
    connectors and test the looms.

  • 06/2008 - 08/2008

    • Aerogen
  • Assembler
  • Summer spent in each of the departments, Burner, Fitting, Electrical and Testing. This involved
    manufacturing burners, assembling gas control systems both mechanical and electrical as well as
    testing several burner systems.

  • 09/2005 - 05/2008

    • University of Portsmouth
  • Barman, Cellars man, Caretaker
  • Undertaken various roles within the Student Union from pulling pints to taking in deliveries. Mainly
    worked as a caretaker maintaining the premises and assisting in the organisation of events.

  • 08/2005 - 08/2006

    • Pyroban Ltd
  • Tester
  • Tester Based in the Operations department. Mainly involved with testing of fork truck, dieselSandwich placement
    protection systems for hazardous areas ensuring they conformed to current legislation.
    This involved demonstrations of the effectiveness of protection systems to potential clients
    and visitors. The testing of new variations of diesel protection devices for fork truck and
    offshore applications to satisfy legislation and external auditors, which involved time
    management and team work ensuring testing was achieved between production, fitting
    and shipping. Research testing was developed to create more realistic tests of worst case
    scenarios and temperature testing of current, new and trial protection systems. Major achievement was the development of the test facility into an independent
    test laboratory in accordance with new upcoming legislation. This required project
    management in the production of new laboratory test procedures, the development of

    test methods and demonstrations of competence during audits by Sira, an independent
    auditing body. Projects undertaken: the implementation of preventative maintenance schema, design
    and development of a hydraulic press, asset management, performance testing of a
    telehandler, and development of temperature testing. Training received included, Pyroban protection safety systems familiarisation course,
    Kaizen training, and basic Health & Safety.

  • 05/2002 - 08/2005

    • Watercress Line (Preserved Steam Railway)
  • Kitchen Porter / Assistant
  • Started as a kitchen porter. Improved own status within the catering section to become an
    assistant to the catering manager. This involved running the buffet, supplying passing trains,
    preparing functions, serving, and teamwork.


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