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Michael Vogt


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Fullstack Software Developer & Coach

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I am currently searching for a new project, the current one lastet 2 years now and it is time for a change.

I did a lot of React, GraphQL stuff and coached the management as well as 5 international dev teams towards 5 deployments a day. Intensive work with react testing-library as well as cypress, puppeteer and other technologies included. Always refactoring for better maintainability.

There was a lot of Docker, Kubernetes, Datadog, Terraform and a bit of Kafka in the form of terraforming & batching 30.000 events per second into blob storage as well as forwarding from mqtt.

I  define  a successful day as how many business value was created and not in terms of technical debts solved.

Analyse the bottlenecks, discuss and convince about the right strategy and make the process better every day. Agility cannot come from agile coaches, business and technicians need to be convinced about a new type of development process. It is possible to do 100 deployments to production.


09/2019 - bis jetzt
Software Developer and agile Transformation
IoT Event Streaming, REACT code quality, Azure/Kubernetes CI/CD

02/2019 - 08/2019
Typescript/Javascript Coach
Coaching Developer Teams with older knowledge to modern Angular 6 approaches incl. detailed pair programming

03/2018 - 02/2019
Software Developer Angular/Scala/AzureRM
Development for a fintech startup of a bigger german bank in a international team, test automation, taking over from India

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