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Profilbild von Dirk Erdner nxtSolution GmbH aus Pattensen
Zugriff auf eine hochmotivierte Entwicklungsmannschaft mit breitbandigem Know How. Die folgenden Information stellen einen Auszug dar:


Programing languages

C/C++ (Win32 API, MFC, QT, COM, ATL, WTL, STL, boost)
.NET (WCF, WPF, ASP.NET, Silverlight, WinForms)
Java (J2EE, POJO, EJB, Hibernate, JDBC, Web Services, WSDL)
VB 6
PHP, PERL, JavaScript, Python

Systems & Applications

Compilers / Simulators / Debuggers
System software (drivers development, system services development, FPGA programming etc)
Network Protocols (Application layer protocols, Data link layer protocols, TCP/IP, Wireless protocols)
Applications for mobile devices (Windows Phone, iOS, Android)
Video surveillance
Industrial Automation (PLC, HMI/SCADA, MES etc)
Porting and Optimization
Custom applications development (.NET, Java, C++)
MS Dynamics AS
Portal Technologies
MS SharePoint

Software tests

Test specification development (test cases)
Manual functional testing according to test specification (detailed test report)
Load / stress testing (discovered performance boundaries and bottle necks)
Automation of functional testing (set of scripts created and debugged within Integrated Testing Environment)
Usability testing (List of UI improvements conforming to recognized UI practices)


Ready for changes, continuous task reprioritization together with customer, iterative approach
Transparency and predictability
Regular reports, metrics, status calls, risks and issues discussion, regular demo sessions
Result orientation
Always keep focus on immediate needs of client, always consider and remember business needs of client
Part of customer team, built software according to client rules, client can scale team size up and down as necessary
NDA and confidentiality agreements with clients and employees, secure and restricted access to source control and other artifacts, client IP protection

Spezielle Lösungen ( Auszug ): ERP- und SAP-Schnittstellenprogrammierung, PDM- und PLM-Systemintegration, Lösungen für die Automatisierungstechnik, CAE

Consulting und Customizing als systemneutraler Coach/Consulter für die Systeme AUCOPLAN; ELCAD, ENGINEERING BASE, EPLAN P8, RUPLAN
Bereitstellung und Pflege von Gerätedaten für die gängigen CAE-Systeme, zum Teil in 3D.
Erstellung und Anpassung von Scripten für die ELCAD Kommandosprache.
Mehr als 25 Jahre Branchenerfahrung !
Re-engeneering of existing desktop system to modern client-server application.

Starting from existing solution studying, requirements gathering and vision creation our team created software architecture design and migration plan. Due to requirement to be able to run server application on already existing servers it was decided to use mixed approach in this project. Server and DB tiers should be platform independent. Based on this it was suggested to use Java for application server. From other side, the presentation tier should provide complex UI with possibility to communicate with special hardware devices, so for client MS.NET technology was selected.

Core Technologies: Java EE 5.0, Hibernate, JAX-WS, .Net Framework 4.0, WCF, MS SQL Server 2005, Oracle 10g, Informix 10, PostgreSQL

Web Based Application for Hosting Building Companies Business

The basic idea of the system is to have collaboration tool for property management. The main users of the system are organisations that have properties in the system. There are projects and maintenance items related to these properties. The execution of the projects and maintenance work is done by different partners i.e. architects, engineering companies, contractors, maintenance companies and other vendors who are called parties.

Our team created collaboration system with all necessary functionality included: User Management, Security Model, Document Management, Project Planning and tracking.

Core Technologies: .Net Framework 3.0, Silverlight 3.0, Oracle 10g

Creation of modern Corporate Financial Management Solution on the basis of existing one

New version of software was developed that should be based on the modern technologies and include number of new features in comparison with existing one.

Starting from existing solution studying, requirements gathering and vision creation our team continue with software architecture common design and process modification for the large challenging project. Main issue was to provide market release as soon as possible with the appropriate quality level and meet end customers’ expectations regarding new functionality in defined general timeframe.

Core Technologies: .Net Framework 2.0/3.0, SCSF, WCF, Nhibernate, Infragistics NetAdvantage 2006, MS SQL Server 2005, MS Reporting Services 2005

Multi-channel DVR for Digital Video Surveillance System

Environment:TexasInstruments TMS320C642 DSP and TMS320DM6441 (DaVinci) SoC, BSP or Linux software environment.

Intentions:Creation of multi-channel scalable platform for storing, broadcasting and navigation of H.264 video data.

Synopsis:Project scope includes porting and optimization of H.264 video codec to Texas Instruments DM642 based embedded system and Intel P4 based PC system; dedicated FS, optimized for storing multi-channel video streams; balanced server to control recording and broadcasting process; set of drivers for data capturing.

Platform:Ansi C, CNU C++, MMX, SSE2, DM642.

3rd party hardware binding to DVSS

Main goal of the project was to integrate 3rd party IP camera to DVSS. There were different set of hardware and each new IP camera was followed by new project with the following task set:

Establish control pipe between camera and framework (capabilities exchange, device settings, etc.)
Establish image streaming pipe between camera and framework (parse/compose stream chunks, recompress, etc.)

These tasks were done in several ways:

Customize system stream parsers for particular camera, in case of working with standardized protocol
Wrap camera SDK into DVSS framework (if only SDK is available and camera do not support common protocols)


Languages and Development Tools: C++, Microsoft Visual Studio
Compression: MPEG2, MPEG4, h.264
Data transport: HTTP, RTP (over UDP)

C-to-C Programming Language Converter

C-to-C Converter is a tool that automates C source code porting to a different C platform or to C++. It uses grammar-based parsing to convert C source projects to a target C dialect or to C++. In other words, it is based on a front-end of a real compiler developed by us.
D-A-CH-Markt; nach Rücksprache auch Europa.
Kurzfristige Verfügbarkeit realisierbar.
Projektrealiserung überwiegend durch Remote-Einsatz. On site-Einsatz  bei Projektstart und als Projektbegleitung, falls vom Auftraggeber gegen Entgelt gewünscht.
Projektabstimmungen können somit natürlich auch vor Ort durchgeführt werden.
Details lassen sich idealerweise in einem Projekt orientierten Gespräch klären. Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Kontaktaufnahme!