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Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to take the opportunity to give a synopsis of my business and consulting experience over the last 20 years.

Furthermore I have a business and finance background (Bachelor of Economics) and loaded with 4 years of experience as a financial (business) controller, responsible for all IT related matters and internal/external reporting for an industrial bakery. Improving business processes and administrative processes to advance the company’s profitability. In 4 years the transformation was complete, increased sales and cashflow that enabled the company to expand and grow without additional loans and finances. Focus was always on the processes. Also I was responsible for internal auditing and the ISO-9001 quality system.

After my career as a financial controller I joined a consultancy company and added 10 years experience as a Baan/Triton product consultant in a logistical, financial and technical capacity.

In this capacity I did a business transformation project with Boeing Commerical Airplane group were all major processes were redefined and rearranged with regards to airplane design and airplane manufacturing and (sub-)assembly. In this capacity I was involved in the Master Production Scheduling and MRP solution and project planning areas. There was an introduction of Lean manufacturing and standard ERP solution instead of tailor-made solutions.

Also for the Boeing company, I personally made the recommendation to realign and rethink the purchase to pay solution, culminating in a self-billing solution based on material consumption, effectively cutting about 90 percent of all incoming purchasing invoicing, saving the company around US2B per year and reducing staff by about 2000.

12+ years experience as a certified SAP R/3 FI-CO consultant:
- extensive experience in numerous roles, e.g. functional SAP FI/CO consultant, co-architect, delivery manager for rollouts project, support/troubleshooting, configuration and business process redesign/change management.
- international work experience (Europe, USA, Australia, Scandinavia)
- exposure to global companies (Boeing, BHP, Woolworths, Unilever, Shell, Woodside)
- exposure to BPM tool in BaaNERP (Dynamic Enterprise Modeller equivalent to ARIS toolset)
- number of SDLC : 3 (summarized, not consecutively with one customer)

On my project for the Volkswagen group I was asked to do a survey/feasibility study into the logistics and finance integration as there was a mismatch. It ended up being a complete analysis of all logistical and financial business processes and pinpointing the steps in the processes where the problems arose. Specifically in the Order to Cash and Purchase to Pay processes. Reporting and consolidation was also part of it. Especially the internal delivery and billing processes was recommended to be redesigned. Information was gathered by interviewing the responsible manager both in the logistical and financial areas.

The most important features that helps me to drives changes:
- focus on business processes and optimization/streamlining of these processes
- communication expert (NLP trainer, life coach/counsellor/mediator)

For the Australian continent I have an unrestricted permanent residency visa (Skilled Migrant) since 2005. Updated with a Resident Return Visa in 2010.

If there is any need for more clarity I am always happy to explain in more detail specific questions.

Hope this will provide the level of details you are looking for.

Sincerely yours,

Alex Waal

on request