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Automotive embedded C/C++, Autosar

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SOFTWARE ENGINEERING: Projects, related skills and practicum include:
Strong experience of development automotive embedded real time applications, 8 – 32 bits microprocessors systems like as Power PC, ARM 7, STM, Fujitsu, Siemens, Intel; real-time operational systems OSEK, automotive standards like as MISRA C, AUTOSAR, HIS, RTE, … .
Developing aircraft smoke detection system for Fairchild Dornier, Airbus; knowledge of aircraft / avionics programming and development standards like DO178B.
Developing telecommunication switching systems and design / development drivers for special integrated circuits of digital telecommunication switching systems UE60xxD, UE300xxD, communication telecom protocols / interfaces, developing of special telecommunications devices.
Developing SS7, ISDN module of telecommunication system for mobile phone providers called THOR for customers like as E-Plus, D2, … .
Developing embedded full control-monitoring system for fueling stations.
Design and development databases in dBase, Interbase, Paradox include knowledge of SQL and Borland Database Engine, SQLite, MySQL.
Detailed knowledge of WIN32API, C++ Builder, QT, MS Visual C++, Keil C51, ARM.
Experience with Dialogic telecommunication cards and their programming interfaces as well as Datakinetics SS7 module, CAPI – tel.prog.interface.

HARDWARE ENGINEERING: Projects, related skills and practicum include:
Design and developing of embedded system interface for computers communication protocols like as RS-232 C, RS-422 and RS-485, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Centronics, IrDa,, IEEE802.2, IEEE802.3.
Experience of embedded applications based on microcontrollers family x51, x86 and RISC processors Fujitsu 16x, ARM7TDMI, PPC.
Developing all HW for control-monitoring system of fueling stations, knowledge and experience development requirements for explosive areas.
Designing of interconnection processor network for supercomputer Data Flow.

Knowledge of many communication protocols as TCP/IP, CAN, LIN, HDLC, SDLC, Williamsburg protocol, ARINC, HART, FlexRay.
Designing embedded microcontroller systems.
Excellent technical skills in all areas of the project lifecycle, within the design, implementation, test and analysis.
Knowledge of telecommunication standards ITU-T and protocols ISDN, SS7, CS, K.
Knowledge of requirements for development aircraft and automotive applications.
Experience of identify and implement validating testing for embedded software.
Preparing technical reports, analysis and documentation

Programming in C / C++, Fortran, ASM, Java, and HTML
Website development
Various PC-based software: Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Access, Outlook. Netscape, Corel , CoolEdit 2000, AmiPro, Lauterbach, Microsoft FrontPage , Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, MSDN, Linux, P-CAD, …
References are available upon request
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