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Profilbild von Lukas Hostynski Development services offshoring and consulting company aus Rzeszow
At Concise Software we have decided to focus our in-house technical expertise on four product areas most essential to our customers, creative technology entrepreneurs, success. These include:

Mobile Technologies

The Apps economy and mobile services industry is growing at a faster pace presently than the Internet grew during the 90’s. The rapid growth and domination of the Android and iOS platforms prompted us to create dedicated development teams for each of these respective platforms.

Further to these deep in-house platform specific skillsets, we also invested heavily in the development of agile multi-platform teams to seamlessly support the porting of applications and software across multiple platforms. Alternatively we develop award winning and top perfroming applications and games from scratch. Our dedicated team covers all the relevant mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Bada, BlackBerry, WP7, Symbian and others, specialized in porting products across various platform technologies with ease.

Web Technologies

The “Consumer Internet” represents a very broad application space. Concise is focused on the development and delivery of community platforms, e-commerce platforms, and portal creation. Our engineering sweet spots include AJAX, PHP, .NET languages, as well as a range of third party platform integration, off-the-shelf e-commerce frameworks and our internally developed e-commerce products.

Social Networks Integration and the Facebook API

With Facebook frequently changing its API, it has proved a challenge to stay up to date with their developments, other competing platforms and the integration of social services. We set a personal challenge to become true experts of the Facebook API. Whether you wish to enrich your website or service, build a social game, or create a suite of social media tools to drive a campaign, we can work with you.

Games Development and Design

The Concise Software team’s historic roots in the gaming design and development, has very effectively supported the launch of numerous games for mobile platforms and Facebook. Game mechanics, user experience design, graphics and technical challenges associated with handling of powerful graphical engines are nothing new to this team.
Few of our recent portfolio projects (available without NDA restrictions)


HIGH LEVEL DESCRIPTION: Aupeo gives you free access to music and lets you discover new songs and artists. Start your personal online radio with your favorite artist or genre - we´ll instantly play this and very similar music.

* Web app
* Android
* Windows Phone
* General Motors automotive devices
* Tablets & Windows 8
* Honda automotive devices
* Pioneer automotive devices
* Samsung Smart TVs
* Panasonic Smart TVs

* Web -
* Google Play -
* Windows Phone Marketplace -
* INTEL AppUp link -!-personal-radio

Reference: on request

HIGH LEVEL DESCRIPTION: Twisper creates a tailor-made travel guide for people on the go.
We believe travel should be personal, social and smart. Get inspiration from your social network, from unique concepts to exclusive quality.

* Web app
* Server Solution (backend system)
* API for communication server-clients
* iOS application (compatible with iPhone5, iPod, iPad)

* Web -
* iTunes Store -

Reference: on request


HIGH LEVEL DESCRIPTION: Timdoo allow You to browse, discover and create great photo products straight from Facebook. It simplifies photo browsing and printing. No uploading your photos to another site. View your friends photos then create photo gift!

* Web / Facebook app -

Reference: on request


HIGH LEVEL DESCRIPTION: PlugSurfing is a community based project that aims to connect electric vehicle owners and drivers with charging points.

* Web service
* iOS app
* Android app
* Windows Phone app

* Web service -
* iTunes AppStore -
* Google Play -

Reference: on request


ABSTRACT: Hungryhouse is the UK's leading takeaway portal with over 7,000 takeaways to
choose from. The most convenient way to find a local restaurant, access the menu, and order a delivery

* Android application -

Reference: on request


ABSTRACT: Can you help Kiko in his quest to get the precious totem back? Over 100,000 players around the world are already addicted to Kiko: The Last Totem.

* Android application -

Reference: on request

7) Building facade illumination CONTROLLING SOFTWARE - ARS ELECTRONICA

ABSTRACT: The project was to build the control and simulation solution that would be capable of controlling 5.100-m2 LED Facade.
Concept assumed that the whole system could be open to external control by sending to its network packages based on specially designed protocol. For user convenience the simulator part was developed which shows 3d model building with facade ( additionally surrounded buildings ) illuminated with LED lights.

Technology: DMX512 light protocol for control purpose and additionally ARTNET, UDP network solutions, C++ programming language and WxWidgets cross-platform tool-kits for GUI creation purposes, OpenGL library was used for generating 2d and 3d graphics for simulator part

Customer: on request
References: on request

8) 3D Rotation Modeler
The idea behind it was to give the user possibility to create 3d models by drawing 2d stroke on the screen. In real time 2d stroke is rotated on its Y-axis giving 3d object as the result. Application was extended by number of point and line editing tools. The creation of 2d strokes was based on the math equations for Hermite Curves.

Technology: C++, OpenGL, Wacom touchscreens
Customer: on request
References: on request

9) Fabrication Stations.
Three applications for managing fabrication process with use of 2D printer, laser cutter and 3d printer. The functionality of stations was extended with specially developed technologically advanced model editing library with features like 3d object slicing, 3d object simplifying and 3d object format loaders and converters e.g. STL to OBJ or OBJ to 3DS.

Technology: J2SE and Alice scene-graph, C++, WxWidgets cross-platform toolkits, WxArt2d
Customer: on request
References: on request

Europe, World, free capacity on request
Willing to travel, not able to relocate

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