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Flutter Developer

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Flutter Backend Java Javascript Android Application Development Android Studio Apple IOS Xcode Kommunikation Datenbanken




Mobile App Development, Frontend Development, Backend Development, Data Modelling, Database Modelling, UI Modelling, SCRUM

Tools / Experiences:
  • Programming Languages: Java, Dart, Kotlin, Javascript, Python
  • App Development: Flutter, Android SDK, Firebase, Ionic
  • Backend: Django, Flask, Spring Boot, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, REST
  • IDEs: Android Studio, XCode, IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, Webstorm, Eclipse
  • Version Control: Git, Mercurial
  • Project Management:, Redmine, Trello, Notion, GitLab, GitHub
  • Operating Systems: macOS, Linux, Windows
  • Office: MS Office, G Suite, Libre Office, LaTeX
  • Communication: Slack, RocketChat


10/2022 - 10/2022
Mountain Rescue App
Cosinuss GmbH (10-50 Mitarbeiter)
Pharma und Medizintechnik

Air ambulances will use this application on iPads during mountain rescue missions to monitor patients’ heart rate, body temperature, and oxygen saturation in life-threatening situations. Within a few weeks I have developed a fully functional version, so that it was ready to be presented at a medical exhibition.

Technologies: Flutter, Android SDK, Java, Kotlin, Android Studio, XCode, Firebase, Bluetooth Low Energy, Mercurial

12/2021 - 04/2022
Chronic Pain Patient Assessment
Klinikum rechts der Isar (5000-10.000 Mitarbeiter)
Öffentlicher Dienst

The goal of this project was to assist the research of the neurological department at the Klinikum rechts der Isar in Munich. For this purpose, I have developed an app, in which chronic pain patients fill out a medical questionnaire for anamnesis and perform a cognitive test to evaluate their concentration and memory ability. Scientists can then export the medical data for further analysis and studies.


Technologies: Flutter, Android SDK, Android Studio, XCode

10/2018 - 10/2021
Mobile App Development in Healthcare
Cosinuss GmbH (10-50 Mitarbeiter)
Pharma und Medizintechnik

Cosinuss is a small medical technology company that develops in-ear sensors, mini-computers and software for real-time monitoring of vital parameters. I was the main person in charge of Mobile App Development. A total of 4 apps were created during my time, two of which successfully received approval as a certified medical device.

My responsibilities included:
• Design, development, and maintenance of mobile apps for medical use cases
• Software documentation in accordance with SOPs
• Design, execution, and documentation of software testing systems in accordance with SOPs • Deployment and administration of the App Store presences

06/2018 - 08/2018
Project La Gamba
Zoologische Staatssammlung München (10-50 Mitarbeiter)
Öffentlicher Dienst

For a two-week zoological research project, I have developed a cross-platform app to count and document reptile and amphibian populations in the Costa Rican rainforest. Additionally, I have developed a backend in order to persist all results in a relational database. GPS coordinates were measured separately with Garmin devices for each data point and sent to the backend with a Python script I had developed.

Technologies: Flutter, Android SDK, Android Studio, Python, Django, PostgreSQL, REST, GpsBabel, GeoJSON, Leaflet, Matplotlib

Zeitliche und räumliche Verfügbarkeit

max. 16h / week



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