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Patrycja Buczkowska


Letztes Update: 01.12.2022

Frontend React & Vue Developer

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  • Achieved an MVP in 5 months allowing the client to continue to run the business more effectively.
  • In 12 weeks designed the architecture of the application and implemented the solution.
  • Enabled client's employees to prepare a custom tour for showcase 3 times faster, which increased sales by 10%.
  • Developed core product features for desktop application and its mobile equivalent.
  • Worked on the development and deployment of API Factory which enhanced the code cleanliness and integration of new features.

I am a highly motivated, reliable and goal oriented frontend developer, finding pleasure in contributing to life changing web applications and services. A quick learner who can easily jump into new technologies and keep the project growing, experienced with React.js, Vue.js and more. Looking forward to new challenges!

Programming, Javascript, TypeScript, Vue.js, Vuex, Composition API, Nuxt.js, React.js, Next.js, CSS 3, media queries, BEM, frontend, coding, Shopware, ERP, Google Maps API, Sass, React Native, WordPress, UI, scrum, Google, API, Aurelia,  MobX, PHP, SEO, GraphQL, Semantic UI, Redux, REST API, Tailwind, SCSS, GIT, Jira


03/2022 - 08/2022
Freelance Web Developer, Kleerly GmbH
Kleerly GmbH (10-50 Mitarbeiter)
Internet und Informationstechnologie

- Developed core features for an e-commerce platform enabling a user to go through a smooth and intuitive purchase process with Shopware PWA, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Sass and BEM, Cypress.
- Proposed and implemented Figma designs as well as own UI layouts.
- Wrote E2E tests with Cypress.
- Collaborated with other developers, designers and product owners in a scrum team.

08/2021 - 03/2022
Freelance Web Developer, SIO AG
SIO AG (< 10 Mitarbeiter)
Internet und Informationstechnologie

- Created multistep assistant for planning and booking custom group tours with React.js, Full Calendar library and Redux.
- Developed new features and maintained existing websites of various clients - Integrated Google Maps and maintained Google Autocomplete API. - Developed a project from scratch, embedded in Aurelia.js environment.
- Designed the architecture.
- Proposed UI solutions.
- Styled the project with Less and BEM.

03/2021 - 08/2021
Frontend Developer
Twago (50-250 Mitarbeiter)

- Worked on various features developed in Nuxt.js with help of Vuetify.js, Vuex and SASS. Contributed to job search platform and client landing pages.
- Collaborated with other developers, designers and product owners in a scrum team.
- Created and took part in deployment of API Factory.
- Created a UI guidelines for frontend developers, designers and QA and refactored the application according to new principles.

07/2020 - 02/2021
Frontend Developer
Bull Markets Media (< 10 Mitarbeiter)

- Developed core product (chat) features for desktop app with React.js, MobX, Styled Components and its mobile version with React Native.
- Added features and pages to live website with Wordpress, PHP, SEO. - Developed interactive product tour for new users which substantially decreased the number of customer support requests.

11/2019 - 04/2020
Frontend Developer
Baze Labs (10-50 Mitarbeiter)

- Developed the main pages of the platform according to the designs available in Figma with the use of Nuxt.js, Typescript and Tailwind.
- Collaborated closely with backend developer and UI designer during that process.



Profilbild von Patrycja Buczkowska Frontend React & Vue Developer aus Viernheim Frontend React & Vue Developer