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Pilch Pilch


Letztes Update: 19.05.2023

Frontend developer, Co Owner, Senior frontend developer contractor

Abschluss: master of management engineer of IT
Stunden-/Tagessatz: anzeigen
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Java - 4 years of experience (Android, SAP for Java, Java SE and webJava) , level mid advanced
Spring - 1 year of experience
Angular - 8 years of experience (AngularJS, latest one Angular 7), level advanced
React - 2 years of experience, level advanced

Online resources:
⦁    Github: ⦁

⦁    SAPUI5 with WebComponents
January 16, 2019
Post on Sap Blog shows  example, how UI5 can collaborate with WebComponents. I mixed it with patters from different frameworks.

SAP 2, SAP R/3, FI/CO, SAP BW, MS Office, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Corel, C++, Script, JavaScript, Visual Basic, PHPOOP, T-SQL, JAVA, TypeScript, MySQL, MSSQL 2005/2008, Struts2, Backbone, Underscore, Boostrap, Google Material Design, CssMaterialize, Apache Cordova, Mustache, SAP, IBM, frontend, Hybris, ecommerce, SAP Hybris, Docker, Kafka, Jquery, JSF, Gulp, Maven, Nexus, GIT, Scrum, Kanban, OCR, SAP CRM, ios, SAPUI5, Android, JAVA Applications, HANA, React, VBA, PHP, CSS3, Web Development, Angular, Bootstrap, Material Design, Angularjs, Ajax, Google, Html5, Angular Material, Soap, RESTful, RWD/ Multiplatform, IE/Chrome/Firefox, CMS, open source tools, VBA programming, Open Source, hybrid apps, azure, Chrome, NodeJs, sap hana, Alexa, React React , Microsoft bot framework, aws, Devops, Java SE, REST, hibernate, Java windows, sql


10/2022 - bis jetzt
C++, typescript developer
Rockwell Automation (50-250 Mitarbeiter)

07/2021 - 09/2022
Angular development
European Commission (50-250 Mitarbeiter)

06/2021 - 06/2021
Senior frontend developer contractor
* CEMEX Czech Republic, s.r.o.
Senior frontend developer contractor
* Creation of new website with Nativescipt,
* Upgrading angular 5 to 7 for existing project
AngularJS 5, node, nativescript, mobile hybrid apps, redux, azure

06/2021 - 06/2021
Sapui5 - Frontend Developer contractor
* Maihiro GmbH
Sapui5 - Frontend Developer contractor
* Writing apps in SAPUI5 that manage route for serviceman
NodeJs, sap hana, sap crm , sapui5, java

06/2021 - 06/2021
Full Stack Developer contractor
* Managing ecommerce store of Durex,
* Wrting skills for Alexa,
* Developing apps with React
React, Java, node, artefact intelligence Alexa, google home, Microsoft bot framework, luis ai
manager, aws lambda

06/2021 - 06/2021
Senior Frontend Developer contractor
ING Belgium
* Working in Devops team,
* Writing application that manage future changes on websites
AngularJS 2, polymer, node, java, dev ops

01/2021 - 03/2021
Java Developer
IBM Company EPAM Europe
Wien, Austria
Working with frontend for Hybris for Henkel ecommerce store,
SAP Hybris, Docker, Kafka, JAVA, Javascript, Jquery, JSF, Gulp, Maven, Nexus, GIT, Scrum, Kanban

05/2020 - 03/2021
Frontend developer
Nagarro Allgeier ES GmbH, ex maihiro GmbH
Munich, Germany
* managing 3 apps (aplication to indicate the daily route on map for clients, scan
bussinesscard and OCR recognition, creating new connection in SAP CRM)
* writing code fo cordova monile for ios and android
* supoorting others from sapui5 solutions
SAPUI5, Jquery, Cordova, Ios, Android, GIT, Scrum, Kanban

04/2011 - 05/2020
Co Owner

* Writing mobile applications native iOS and Android, sapui5 framework
* Writing JAVA Applications
* Sap HANA, sap Leonardo
* Writing apps with React, Redux
* Adobe illustrator
* Providing courses:
* Graphic design
* PHP, JAVASCRIPT, CSS3, Web Development ,Angular, Bootstrap, CSSMaterialize, Angular
Material Design
* Databases

* Consultance role:
* developer teams support and training with Angular,
* process automation support and training with VBA, Office

* Freelancer:
* Designing web (including RWD for mobile/tablet) applications
(Java/Javascript/Angularjs/Jquery/Ajax/Phpoop/Css/Css3/Bootstrap/Google Api/Google
Material Design/Html5/Angular Material Design/Materialize/Soap/RESTful services, RWD/
Multiplatform (IE/Chrome/Firefox))
* UX Design
* Creation of own CMS systems
* Developing open source tools
* VBA programming
* Presenter on Open Source Days at Akademia Techniczno - Humanistyczna in Bielsko-Biała (, presentation of Polymer Framework,

11/2018 - 12/2018
Software Developer
Prague, The Capital
Prague, The Capital, Czech Republic

* Google,
Software Developer, contractor in Google
* Working with artificient inteligence with Chrome and Assistant

08/2018 - 11/2018
Artefact intelligence

07/2017 - 09/2017
Sapui5 - Frontend developer contractor
Brussels Area
Brussels Area, Belgium

* Roche
Sapui5 - Frontend developer contractor,
* Writing leaflet application
Java, node, angular, sapui5, sap portal, sap bpm, sap sld, gateway

11/2014 - 05/2016
New Technology Specialist full stack developer
* Managing several project with Java SE and webjava
* Rewriting existing apps to angular and REST
Java, hibernate, AngularJS , Bapi programs. Java -> Abap communication, sapui5 prototypes, web
services, Java SE, Java windows application
Nov 2014 - May 2016
Bielsko-Biala, Silesian District, Poland

* Fiat Fca Poland
Process Support Specialist full stack developer
* Writing e-learing platform moodle, app for production mamangement, service to manage
employees, plugins in VBA for office
* participation and support for fusion Fiat Chrystler
Phpop, AngularJS, vba, Sap bw, sap hr, tsql, access, sql sever,


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Profilbild von Pilch Pilch Frontend developer, Co Owner, Senior frontend developer contractor aus Zurich Frontend developer, Co Owner, Senior frontend developer contractor