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  • Abschluss: IT Master at FH Frankfurt
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Profilbild von Tung Vu Cloud Engineer / DevOps / Developer aus Ingolstadt
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I represent Datics Consulting.
Datics Consulting specialises in IT Consulting & Development in the Cloud, DevOps and Data. Our Headquarter is based in Bavaria, Germany.

Team Cloud & DevOps:
- Infrastructure as Code: Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Vagrant
- Public Cloud: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services
- IaaS: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, OpenStack, Oracle Cloud
- PaaS: Cloud Foundry, Heroku
- Security: PKI Management, Network Security, System Hardening
- DevOps: Docker, CRI-O, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Helm, Bitbucket, Gitlab, Concourse, Jenkins, Tomcat, Apache HTTPD, Nginx, HAProxy, Traefik, Prometheus, Grafana, Elasticsearch, Fluentd, Kibana
- Databases: MySQL, Oracle, InfluxDB

Team Dev:
- Language: Python, Java, C++, Go, Scala
- Framework: Spring, Kafka, Spark, ORMs (JPA, Hibernate), Selenium
- Back End: Django, Flask, Sprint, NodeJS
- Front End: React, JavaScript, Angular

- AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
- Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator
- Linux Foundation Certified Kubernetes Administrator
- Certified Oracle Cloud Architect Associate
- Certified Oracle Cloud Operations Associate

Website: https://datics-consulting.com
  • 11/2020 - bis jetzt

  • Cloud Solution Architect
  • Frankfurt am Main is a big city in Germany with a high population density and complicating urban traffic system. This leads to the problem that there are many traffic jams during the rush hour. City authorities want to improve the situation by analysing the traffic and routing vehicles during this time. However, the IT system solution for this is not existing. In this project, we cooperate with the Frankfurt am Main traffic authorities in order to get the public information of traffic system, design and create a cloud native POC for the digital twin of Frankfurt am Main urban traffic system on the AWS cloud, which is then used later for the smart traffic management system of the city.

    - Collecting real-time traffic information from public transportation API - Creating cloud native solution for the simulation software SUMO 
    - Analysing the required computing resources for simulating real-time traffic system with thousands of vehicles and pedestrians
    - Designing AWS cloud architecture POC including scalability, high availability, and disaster recovery features
    - Implementing the infrastructure with automation and CI/CD tools - Deploying the software stack on Kubernetes environments

    System Environmet: AWS VPC, EC2, EKS, ELB, Route53, EFS, S3, Lambda, CloudWatch Amazon Kinesis, EMR, Redshift, SQS, SNS, Rancher K3s, CRI-O, Traefik, Longhorn, Ceph, Terraform, Ansible, Vagrant, Go, Python, GitLab CI, SUMO, YOLO, Grafana, Elasticsearch, Fluentd, Kibana, Let’s Encrypt, Certbot

  • 06/2020 - 05/2021

    • Chaos Engineering Researching Lufthansa Group
  • Site Reliability / Data Engineer
  • Project description: The CFM software stack containing Oracle Siebel, OpenText, Tolerant Match, Oracle SOA Suite, and Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher, which is used by Lufthansa Group for managing feedback and payback of passengers, is running in cloud native system. In order to understand the behaviours and build more confidence in the system capabilities, we do some researches and experiments with chaos engineering principles based on a list of interesting failure points. From the experiments' results, we are able to reduce the downtime, and probability of system failure by preventing future issues to happen. Also to  help developers who, want to push changes frequently, with operations that want stable applications, we deploy the Concourse CI/CD into the Oracle Kubernetes Cluster for Lufthansa Group:

    - Creating custom metrics for monitoring system and applications states
    - Injecting fault data and destroying pods and services
    - Monitoring and analysing experiments' results to find out issues that can happen in the future
    - Rolling out new patches to decrease failure probability

    For Ci / CD:
    - Building Application Docker Images automatically.
    - Rolling out Deployment for Applications automatically.
    - Security Patching and Vulnerabilities Scanning.
    - Testing Automation.
    - Rolling out / Rolling back patches.

    System environment: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Grafana, Oracle Cloud Big Data, Apache Hadoop, Spark, Scala, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Fluentd, Kibana, Oracle Siebel, OpenText, Tolerant Match, Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle BI Publisher, Oracle Database

  • 06/2019 - 05/2021

    • Reply
    • Internet und Informationstechnologie
  • Application Developer
  • Project Desription: 

    -Create an architecture to automate all the manual tasks done by the company.
    -Automate service requests in microservices and add them to the architecture.
    -Set up Monitoring platform for visualization from business perspective and application logs.

    System Environment: Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Oracle Autonomous Transaction Database, JPA, Java 8, Zipkin, Sleuth, Hystrix, Docker, Grafana, ELK stack, Kubernetes

  • 12/2019 - 04/2021

    • Lufthansa Group
    • Transport und Logistik
  • System Architect and Lead Developer
  • Project Description: 

    Oracle Siebel is utilized at Reply Gmbh to provide Lufthansa Group with ssupport of customer relationship management. Functional testing is performed by Siebel Test Automation software by Oracle. To improve the overall performance, this project integrates the tool with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to provide Testing as a Service.  

    - Creating full stack application to manage the solution
    - Creating backend logic to provision virtual machines with specific applications and properties suitable for hosting Oracle Siebel Test Automation and fulfilling test cases requirements with Terraform and Ansible, dividing test batches based on time weight and distributing them to machines accordingly
    - Create backend infrastructure scripts for vertical scaling and horizontal scaling of provisioned machines based on size of test sets and runtime deadline requirement, ensuring integrity of the solution, and providing disaster recovery functionality.
    - Implementing CICD pipeline to orchestrate the solution on different deployment environment using Concourse
    - Creating frontend service to display test result and test processes, orchestrate reruns in case of provisioning or testing failures

    System Environment: Oracle Cloud, Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins, Concourse, OpenText, Oracle Siebel, Java, Python, MEAN Stack, Nginx

  • 06/2020 - 11/2020

    • Reply
    • Internet und Informationstechnologie
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Project Description:  
    - Red Reply deploys most of its services on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic. Operations with the infrastructure are currently handled by cloud management team and service desk team. Both teams have difficulties working with the current web console provided by Oracle. The service desk team is spending a lot of time performing tasks such as update and recover virtual machines, while the cloud management team needs the feature to create multiple virtual machines at a time. This project discusses the implementation of automation concept in Information Technology field. A web application is proposed as the solution that can meet requirements from both mentioned teams so that the workload is reduced, and the user experience is improved.

    - The web application consists of front-end, back-end and Database. The front end is implemented for users to interact with the application, the back end is used for gathering the snapshot from OCM, conducting the backup snapshot task, updating version of the snapshot and processing back to the OCM. However, this backend is also responsible for rolling back to the old snapshot if there is any failure in upgrading progress. In addition, the Database is created to store the snapshot in both backup and upgrade.

    System Environment: React JS, Django, Mongo DB, Terraform, Oracle Cloud

  • 05/2020 - 07/2020

    • Volkswagen AG
  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • Project description: VW Group has their own private Identity Provider and wants to have a unified authentication method for their employees in all applications.
    This project aims to integrate and enable SSO for CRM software stack with VW Identity Provider. Because of security reasons, there are some restrictions during the SAML integration setup, we have to use a translating proxy in the middle for Identity and Service Provider.

    - Managing domain names with AWS Route53 and PKI with Let's Encrypt and Certbot
    - Creating Service Provider in Oracle IDCS
    - Configuring Service Provider with provided SAML from IBM WebSEAL Identity Provider
    - Setting up a translating proxy named SATOSA for bypass the restrictions in ID and domain names between Identity and Service Provider

    System environment: AWS Route53, Oracle IDCS, IBM WebSEAL, Apache HTTPD, SATOSA, SAML, Let's Encrypt, Certbot

  • 02/2020 - 06/2020

    • Volkswagen AG
  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • Project description: VW Group wants to run and operate a CRM software stack which is used for managing information of clients buying cars and vehicle parts in a private data centre with Oracle Private Cloud as the cloud platform. This project is for managing the private data centre, cloud resources and deploying CRM software stack on the private cloud.

    - Developing Terraform scripts for managing cloud resources and Ansible, Puppet scripts for processes automation
    - Implementing the infrastructure
    - Deploying monitoring tools
    - Setting up VPN connection between Oracle Private Cloud and VW private data centre
    - Creating DMZ with bastion hosts and load balancers for VW Group employees to access the applications
    - Performing maintenance tasks for physical hardware servers

    System environment: Oracle Private Cloud, IPsec VPN, Ceph, Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, Zabbix, Prometheus, Grafana, AWS Route53, HAProxy, Nginx, Apache HTTPD, Oracle Siebel, Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Business, Intelligence Publisher, Oracle Database

  • 08/2019 - 06/2020

    • CRM Enterprise System Lift and Shift to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Lufthansa Group
  • Cloud Solution Architect, Site Reliability Engineer
  • Project description: Lufthansa Group wants to migrate to the cloud their on-premise CRM enterprise system which is utilised to manage the feedback and payback of passengers, and the relationship with travel agencies, and tourism companies. This project aims to design a cloud solution architecture for the system, implement the infrastructure and migrate the software stack and data from on-premise system to the new cloud environment.

    - Designing a cloud solution architecture
    - Developing pipelines and jobs scripts of Concourse CI/CD tool to automate the implementation and deployments
    - Implementing the infrastructure with Terraform, and Ansible Scripts
    - Deploying networking, monitoring, and dynamical storage provision solutions for Kubernetes clusters
    - Containerising applications of the CRM stacks
    - Deploying and managing applications in Kubernetes environments with Helm charts
    - Migrating Database data from on-premise to Oracle Cloud Database service
    - Creating IPSec VPN to Red Reply office network
    - Creating high-speed connection between Oracle Cloud data centres and private data centres of Lufthansa Group
    - Configuring DMZ with load balancers
    - Setting up backup and disaster recovery solutions based on RTO and RPO requirements

    System environment: Oracle Cloud infrastructure, AWS Route53, Kubernetes, Helm, Longhorn, Terraform, Ansible, IPSec VPN, Postfix, Oracle Linux, Spacewalk, Nginx, HAProxy, Prometheus, Grafana, Elasticsearch, Fluentd, Kibana, Oracle Siebel, OpenText, Tolerant Match, Oracle, SOA Suite, Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher, Oracle Database

  • 02/2019 - 05/2020

    • DevOps and Car-connecting Cloud Platform; Volkswagen AG
  • Site Reliability / Data Engineer
  • Project description: VW Group initialises this project for creating a DevOps platform for developers with new cloud native technologies and migrate their carconnecting environment for millions of vehicles from private data centres to AWS cloud. In this project, we are responsible for the logging, streaming data, backup and disaster recovery with predefined RPO and RTO, and Cloud Foundry services. We also are responsible for the MQTT service, which is the publish/subscribe messaging transport protocol between cars.

    - Creating pipelines and jobs in Concourse CI/CD for automating deployment processes
    - Developing Terraform scripts for managing AWS services
    - Developing Ansible scripts for deploying Kafka, and Elasticsearch clusters
    - Developing Ansible scripts or User Data for deploying MQTT, and Nginx GSB Proxy clusters
    - Creating backup and disaster recovery solutions
    - Deploying Cloud Foundry to AWS with Ansible scripts

    System environment: AWS VPC, EC2, EKS, ELB, Route53, EFS, S3, Lambda, CloudWatch, Amazon Kinesis, EMR, Redshift, SQS, SNS, Cloud Foundry, Terraform, Ansible, Concourse, Kubernetes, Kafka, Elasticsearch

  • 06/2019 - 09/2019

    • Reply
    • Internet und Informationstechnologie
  • Developer
  • Project Description: The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a place where all the instances of cloud including network, compute, database, block volume storage are deployed. However, it is difficulty to keep track of number and classification of instances in the OCI. Therefore, Kubernetes is a main tool which Red Reply used for the container and cluster of OCI management, it is necessary to store all elements in data under key- value pair. ETCD is introduced to be a supporting tool for key-value pair storage of Kubernetes. In order to manage the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources, The ETCD service is developed in web application and the CLI.

    - Creating full stack application to manage the solution which includes the front-end and back-end
    - Creating back-end logic to gathers information of instances of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The python script is implemented with the OCI API and ETCD API. This script is used to handle the connection between the OCI and ETCD. In addition, the backend is also responsible for interaction with frontend and ETCD Database.
    - Implementing Command Line Interface to access the ETCD Server.
    - Creating frontend for web application for interaction with ETCD Service. It is responsible for displaying the collected data to end- user as well as the result is updated every 10 minutes

    System Environment: ETCD, HTML, Javascript, CSS, Python, Flask, Oracle Cloud

Project location: Germany
In Datics Consulting we are a collection of technology specialists who supports companies in their digitalization journey by providing our deep technical knowledge, experiences and passions for new technologies.

More at: https://datics-consulting.com