Profilbild von Osei SakyiMensah Executive Lead Engineer & Program Manager, Senior Systems Engineer, Program Manager and Product Line aus Drochtersen

Osei Sakyi-Mensah


Letztes Update: 12.02.2023

Executive Lead Engineer & Program Manager, Senior Systems Engineer, Program Manager and Product Line

Abschluss: Dipl.-Ing/ MSc.
Stunden-/Tagessatz: anzeigen
Sprachkenntnisse: deutsch (Muttersprache) | englisch (verhandlungssicher)


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Part 21J, 21G, Virtual Conferencing, ZOOM Video/Web Conferencing, Skype Conferencing, WebEx Conferencing, Social-Media, Google-Platforms, LinkedIn, XING, Awareness on COVID, EA (Enterprise Architect), Subversion, WindMerge, TortoiseSVN, VxWorks, Windows, Linux/ Unix, Secure SSH, MS-Office, MS-Project, Mind Manager, Smart Draw, CFRP/ GFRP, InterSystems Ensemble-Platform, CACHE, HL7, HealthShare, SQL, PL/SQL, Avionics Embedded SW-Development Life-Cycle,
Google Cloud/ Azure Platform (Digital Transformation), Docker, Headless Drupal Implementation, Angular JS und JSON, Service Now Implementation und Integration von vorhandenen Infrastrukturen, Tools/Platformen-Applikationen, Confluence, DocuSign Integration, Agil-Entwicklung, User-Stories, Kanban, Sprints, Burndown-Methodik & Visualisierung, Implementation von Google Cloud/ Azure Platform und DevOps Apps/Cloud SDK & Tools für Digitale Transformation, App-Entwicklung mit KI Prinzipien für Schulungszwecke, Bildung/Universitäten, Governance & Öffentliche Dienste, Industrialisierung, Procurement & Logistics nach Incoterms 2020, inklusive allen  Cloud-Rich -Umgebungen von Cloud Computing, Cloud Composer, Apache Airflow, Künstliche Intelligenz & Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Containers, Daten-Banken, DevOps, Hybrid & Multi-Cloud-APIs, Cloud SQL, BigQuery, Looker, DataFlow, Python, IoT, Management Tools & Media, Java, Linux Bash( Windows CMD, SQL, PL-SQL, YAML, MS Visual Code, CI-CD, Git & GitHub, IaaS., Configuration Management, CIDS Components and Functions, C ED-12B, RTCA SC-214, ARP4761 / ARP4754, ARINC 600 Series, ARINC 404, ARINC 801, ARINC 429, CAN-Bus, FEMAP, MSC.PATRAN/ NASTRAN/ SimExpert, MARC/MENTAT, ADAMS, LS-DYNA, ANSYS, ABAQUS, MathCAD, MathLab, Simulink, FORTRAN, C#/C++, Java, CSS, HTML, XML, UML, CATIA v4/ v5, AutoCAD, PDM/ PLM-Tools/PRIMES, Taksy, VPM, ERP, SAP, Cloud Computing, 2008, ZOOM, Skype, WebEx, Moodle, Open Source, Oracle, MySQL, Database Administration, VPN, DB, Oracle 12c, Linux RedHat Enterprise, Headsets, Package Management, PCB, Software Development, Interface, Ethernet, Value Analysis, Notes, Typhoon, Programming, C/C++, LaTEX, Germany


07/2017 - 12/2021
Skill & Competence Development Manager/ Fach & Kompetenz-Entwicklungsleiter, Executive Lead Engineer & Program Manager
Leichtwerk AG Braunschweig & FORUM für WISSENSTRANSFER e.V.; Udo Coors Consulting
01/2019 – 12/2021 Executive Lead Engineer & Program Manager, Leichtwerk AG Braunschweig
1. Concepts, Development and Management of HAPS, RPAS, SHAPS on 5G for Data Communication
2. Portfolio and Programs/ Project Development Manager
3. Strategy, SWOT-Analysis and Placement of Funding
4. Liaise with Customer and conduct weekly and monthly Online Meetings using ZOOM, Skype, WebEx
5. Support Engineering Teams in Supplier Management
6. Stakeholder Management Analysis and Requirements Management
7. Coaching in Program Management, Project Management, MS-Project, and classical Project
8. Definition and generation of Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
9. Definition of Program development life cycle and Milestones
10. Definition of Review context and specification of KPIs for Supplier performance
11. Monitoring, Controlling and Financial Reporting (planned vs. actuals)

Seit 07/2017 Skill & Competence Development Manager/ Fach & Kompetenz-Entwicklungsleiter
Skill & Competence Development Manager, Bremen/ Achim

1. Consultancy for Large Scale Projects, Scoping, Opportunity Studies, Feasibility Studies,
Development, Implementation, Deployment, Monitoring and Maintenance
2. Coaching in Program Management, Project Management, MS-Project, and classical Project
3. Assistance in creating Awareness on measures towards COVID-19 for Schools and Universities
for Social Distancing Protocols
4. Online Community Training on ZOOM, WebEx, Skype
5. Revisit eLearning/ VLMS for High Schools and Tertiary Institutions using Moodle (Open Source)
and training on Customizing to support measures in the fight against COVID-10 and future
6. Remote Systems Administration and Development, Oracle, MySQL, SQL, PL/SQL and SysML
7. Snr. Systems Engineering, Requirements Management, Compliance Matrix, Data Consistency PTS
(Purchaser Technical Specification) and SES (Systems Equipment Specification) for PDU-B
BelugaXL, Telair International GmbH.
8. Definition of System Architecture for Data Communication for Schools in developing countries
9. Support and Consulting for Industrialization Concepts for Ghana
10. Consolidation of Requirements for the implementation of Renewable Energy Projects (Solar and
Wind Energy) in Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Somaliland)
11. Creation of concepts for establishing the fabrication of Turnkey Solutions for 50 MW, 100 MW
and 850 MW per year production capacity, and the extension and build-up of Solar-Farms in
northern Ghana, Nigeria, Burkina Faso
12. Feasibility Studies for Solar-Systems application in Somaliland
13. Coordination of Research and Technology activities, Germany/ Ghana
14. Creation of Development Concepts for Applied Sciences (Structural Analysis),
Knowledge-Transfer, Performance Management and Reporting
15. Remote Database Administration over VPN, DB for Oracle 12c
16. Data Modelling, SQL, PL/SQL Development in SQL Developer-Environment
17. System Performance and Optimization in Linux RedHat Enterprise and Windows Environments
18. Reporting

08/2017 - 10/2017
Senior Systems Engineer
Kumkeo GmbH
1. Creation of concept for Battery Management System (BMS, SIL-2/ SIL-3), for Marine
application, as a preparation for a Project with Thyssenkrupp/ OHB, Bremen
2. Preparation and consolidation of content for SATCOM UHF Handbook for Satellite Control
Station, OHB, Bremen
3. System definition and creation of concept for CAP CAN Control Station (Military application)
for the Marines (SIL-3/ SIL-4)
4. Definition of Control Components and Environmental Parameters, Temperature (-45°C to 55°C),
Acoustic (<52dB(A)), Water resilience IP of the individual components (IP52 to IP67), for the
MIL/AERO-Connectors DTL-38999
5. Requirements Definition and Analysis for AIRBUS (Space) Satellite- Monitoring-Station und
Analysis of the Satellite Services and Performance (Sat-ID, Position, Status of the
Transmission Services)

07/2014 - 07/2017
Program Manager and Product Line Officer
* WWSC B787 - Boeing (United States of America)
* WWSC C-Series - Bombardier (Canada)
* WWSC MC21 - Irkut (Russia)
* WWSC MRJ -200/ 400 - MITAC (Japan)
* A380 MPI - AIRBUS (Germany & EU)
* HCM - GulfStream (United States of America)

1. Program Management
2. First-Time-Right development strategies
3. Liaison to customer and evaluation of SOW (State of Work) and Work Package Management, and
Stakeholder involvement
4. Management of Customer Specifications, establish Design Specifications within Engineering
Teams, Mechanical (2D/ 3D), PCB-Design, Development and Reviews
5. Procurement with Design-To-Build DWGs, Software Development and Reviews
6. Requirements-Management, Work Breakdown Structure, Development, BugFixing, Test (Verification
and Validation), Deployment, and Delivery planning
7. Management of complete Software development Life Cycle including Stage of Involvement (SOI)
Reviews (internal/external), SOI#1, SOI#2, SOI#3, SOI#4, Subversion, WindMerge, TortoiseSVN
8. HW/ SW System Integration, Configuration Management, Change Management with Change-Board
9. Release to Production Reviews, Production and Tests (Bonding, Insulation Resistance, ESS,
Temperature, Vibration, ATP)
10. On-Stock Booking and Logistic
11. Interface to Sales, Quotations and Proposals
12. Contribution margin improvement strategies
13. Team leadership, Design-Development & Manufacturing of Composite Water Tanks, Composite
Water-Level Sensor Housing
14. Management of the Design, Development and Production of Water/Waste Valves for A380, B787,
C-Series, MRJ, MC21 und C919 and Final Assembly at SITEC Aerospace
15. Product Development Design reviews
16. Connector and Harness configuration
17. HW/ SW Development (Sensors-Systems and Controllers)
18. CAN-Bus and ARINC 429 Communication
19. AFDX (Avionics Full DupleX) Switched Ethernet for B787
20. Weekly, phone conferencing with customer for program progress
21. Monthly Program Management Reviews
22. Earned Value Analysis and Program Performance
23. Configuration Management and P/N Management

09/2012 - 07/2014
Skill & Competence Development Manager
1. Coordinator for Engineering activities
2. Mentor and Coordinator for Engineering Services
3. Creation of Design Concepts for Applied Sciences, Knowledge & Technology Transfer, Lecture
Notes, Reporting

05/2013 - 04/2014
Project Management/ Project Management Officer
Structure Repair Manual for Airbus Legacy Aircrafts (Single Aisle -SA, Long Range -LR, A380, A400M)
1. Team Ramp-Up and Team Leadership
2. Project Management Planning
3. Work-Units, Work-In-Progress and Resource Planning
4. Work-Unit Progress Tracking and Monitoring
5. Mentoring, Knowledge & Skill Build-up on Structural competency for Fuselage & Sections
6. Creation of guidelines for repair methods and repair principles (Skin Dents, Skin Rework,
Skin Repair, Stringer Repair, Lightning Strike Allowable Damage Limits) for Composites and
7. Customer Relationship Management
8. Negotiations and Change Management for Conformity
9. Earned Value Analysis and Value Stream Mapping/ Management
10. Cost Variance and Cost-Bridge Analysis
11. Quality Assurance, Reporting, and Audit Support

09/2001 - 08/2012
Senior Project Engineer Airframes
1. Lead / Supervisor of Composite Manufacturing, Training and Career Development at the
Composites Manufacturing Plant (Mubadala Aerospace/ STRATA, Al Ain International Aviation
2. Production Site, Manufacturing Plant for Composites
3. Trainer for LWL and Connector Systems
4. Earned Value Analysis and Value Stream Mapping/ Management
5. Curriculum development and assessment
6. On-the-Job Hands-On Training (CFRP/ GFRP)
7. Health Safety and Environment, Quality Management Systems
8. Behavioural conduct and motivation at work

10/2007 - 04/2010
Project Manager - Cabin Systems Development and Integration
Project Management CIDS SA
1. Project Management CIDS SA
2. Mentor for Systems Integration (Cabin Systems), Buxtehude and India (Bangalore)
3. Requirements-Management, Development, Test (Verification and Validation), Deployment,
4. Configuration Management
5. Supply-Chain/ Sub-Contracting Management
Senior Project Engineer Airframes - ESA (Transnational) Methods Tools and Processes
(09/2001 - 09/2007)
1. Engineering Lead & Project Manager (Transnational), Integration and Support for
Airframe-Structural Analysis, R&T, GlobalFEM, Methods, Processes and Tools
2. Research & Technology for Future Projects; FEMREP, DARE, ISAMI
3. Mentor for Junior Stress Engineers
4. Earned Value Analysis and Value Stream Mapping/ Management
5. Trainer for Fibre-Optic and Connector Systems
6. Experimental work (Metallic/ Composites), DT/ NDT (Composites)
7. CoC Methods, Processes and Tools
8. Repair principles and applicability
9. Structural elements and components (Stringer, Frames, Panels) and their assembly
(model-build), and results interpretation and applicability

01/2001 - 08/2001
Principal Consultant - Project and Product Management
Pricewater House Coopers (PwC)
Pricewater House Coopers (PwC)
Alcatel Cables
Principal Consultant - Project and Product Management
1. Aerospace activities coordinator (customer Airbus, Hamburg)
2. Automobile strategy developer (customers BMW, München)
3. Quality and Reporting


Weltweit verfügbar
Reisebereitschaft, Ja und flexibel in der räumlichen Verfügbarkeit
Profilbild von Osei SakyiMensah Executive Lead Engineer & Program Manager, Senior Systems Engineer, Program Manager and Product Line aus Drochtersen Executive Lead Engineer & Program Manager, Senior Systems Engineer, Program Manager and Product Line