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I have been working in IT/Software development since 1989, performing tasks such as Project management, software development, and software architecture. I have profound experience in technologies like  .NET; C#, Java, C++
Business experience areas are biotechnology, laboratory automation, Swiss and international electronic payments, German accounting, GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and database design (Oracle, MS Access, SQL Server).
Previously, I worked as Electronic and Geological laboratory technician.

2014 - 2015
Retail Supply Logistics

Software Architect / Developer
  • Development of Windows forms applications using Developer Express CSLA N Hibernate IBatis, Structure Map and Visual Studio 2013.
  • Maintenance, extension and Architectural Modification of C# Software on Motorola MDE´s Using Dot Net compact 3.5 Visual Studio 2008 Enterprise Architect under Windows CE 6.0.
  • Maintenance of Dot Net JSON web services.
  • Maintenance of Android applications consuming Dot Net JSON web services.
  • Analysing and improving specifications test plans in conjunction with product specialists.
C# Developer Express, Windows CE 6.0, Dot net Compact 3.5, Windows forms, TFS, N Hibernate, and ORACLE PL SQL.

2008 - 2014
Bio Technology

Software Architect / Project Manager
  • Estimation of delivery dates, Coordinating software developers and test engineers.
  • Management and development of biochemical FDA/GAMP data gathering/ visualisation software projects.
  • Design description and development of Software Architectures to be efficient over the whole Software life-cycle, Advise on methodologies and evaluation of technologies.
  • Determining analysing and specifying customer requirements and test plans in conjunction with product specialists marketing service and sales managers.
C++, C# Developer Express, Enterprise Architect, Windows forms, MFC, OPC Advosol tool kit, Jira, SVN Tortoise, TRAC, Axis2c.

2007 - 2008

Software Developer / Software Architect
Team development of electronic funds transfer software
  • Answering customer queries and coordinating test engineers.
  • Design of Software Architecture to be efficient over the whole Software lifecycle.
  • Development maintenance and extension of electronic funds transfer software using the protocols Finnova, SBS und HMI.
Java C# und Visual Basic with SQL Server, Enterprise Architect, and access databases.

2003 - 2007

Software Developer / Test Engineer
Development of Laboratory automation hardware and software, in particular an Automatic aliquoting robot.
  • Developing test plans and carrying out quality control.
  • Coordinating a multinational team of test engineers.
  • Porting Visual Basic 6 software to C# dot net.
  • Assist with development and deployment of a JBoss laboratory analysis queuing system for Olympus sample sorters and Spectrographic Analysis Devices.
Eclipse, Java, JBoss, C#, Visual Basic 6, Embedded scripts, .Net, C++, Source Vault.

2001 - 2003
(Edith Cowan University)
Student of Computer Science
  • "Bachelor of Science" at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Edith Cowan University (extern).
Java, Ansi C, C++, Visual C++ 6, Visual Java, GNU C++.

2000 - 2001

Technical lead / Software Developer
Software development und coordination of a multinational team of software developer to create the German version of "Quick Books" small to mid-sized business software.
ANSI C, C++ / Visual C++ 6, MFC, PERL, Source Safe.

Web Site Developer (Consultant)
A web site with a searchable data base and a "mail form". Further to this an application to automate the update of the data base was developed.
ASP, HTML, VBA / Front page, Interdev, Paint shop Pro, Access 2000.

Analyst Programmer (Consultant)
DigiSite, Digitizes chemical contamination areas onto an Arkview shape file. Further to this the application writes data to an MS Access database.
Visual Basic / VB 6, ARCVIEW 3.0, Map Objects, Help Compiler Word 97, NT 4.0.

Analyst Programmer (Consultant)
 CRSU, Automates the processing of employee information. Uses MAPI to send and receive information from other Offices. Further to this the application has data entry and reporting features.
VBA / Microsoft Access 8, Help Compiler Word 97, NT 4.0

Analyst Programmer (Consultant)
Y2KScan, Finds and fixes potential year 2000 issues. Further to this year 2000 test plans where developed.
Visual Basic / Microsoft Access 8, Word 97

Analyst Programmer (Consultant)
CARS, Combines Oracle views and multiple MS Access databases. Further to this the application transfers the combined data into Oracle tables. The application also creates password secured searchable access applications containing the combined data.
Visual Basic / Microsoft Access 8, Word 97.

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