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Christian Strobel

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DevOps/DevSecOps Consultant / Lead

Firma: Herr
Abschluss: Master of Science
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Communicative Dev(Sec)Ops Consultant with strong applied skills driven to support projects holistically to continuously improve the whole software development lifecycle with all participants in mind - former Java dev. 

I'm Christian Strobel and I'm not the DevOps that only automates your deployments, dockerizes everything and monitores your IT. 

DevOps and other agile methods rely heavily on communication between the participants. I'm a public speaker about personal development, mindset and communication besides IT. I realised in my past projects that it's often more about the soft skills to improve a team dramatically and make devops or agile work. 

"Individuals and interactions over processes and tools" - agile manifesto

I'll share my broad technical skills as well as presentations and workshops about tech, devops and soft skills with you to transform your IT. Let's build the future of your IT together!

Tech: Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift, Terraform, Ansible, Bash, Linux, ELK, Grafana, Prometheus, CI/CD, git, JIRA


11/2019 - bis jetzt
Lead DevOps Consultant
Bundesdruckerei GmbH
Öffentlicher Dienst
  • Provisioning, maintenance and upgrades of infrastructure and clusters (vmware, rancher, helm, Kubernetes, OpenShift, minio)

  • Workshops: DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, ElasticSearch and Kibana

  • CI/CD development (gitlab ci)

  • Migration of microapps (Spring) to OpenShift / Kubernetes via Helm

  • Hiring and screening of DevOps candidates

  • Tech: JIRA, Confluence, git, Sonarqube, Rancher, Oauth via Keycloak (HA), Spring Framework

07/2019 - 10/2019
DevOps Consultant (500-1000 Mitarbeiter)
Konsumgüter und Handel
  • Setup CI/CD processes for applications, AWS resources and SalesForce via AWS and Jenkins

  • AWS (EC2, Beanstalk, ECR, ECS, S3, Lambda, RDS, Cloudwatch, ...) and Terraform v0.12

  • Enrolling DevOps mindset company-wide

  • Workshops: Cloud Architecture, DevOps, Terraform, Docker, ...

  • Maintenance contract until end of 2020

04/2019 - 06/2019
DevOps Consultant
Idealo internet GmbH (500-1000 Mitarbeiter)
Internet und Informationstechnologie
I had the pleasure of having Christian Strobel, born July 13th 1990, on my system engineering team at idealo Internet GmbH for a consulting phase of three months from April 1st 2019 - June 30th 2019.

His main tasks were:
  • Workshops about best practices regarding Docker, OpenShift and communications
  • Support for upgrading OpenShift cluster Logging and monitoring
  • Supporting team to run and operate OpenShift

I would like to emphasize that Christian was extremely proactive and demonstrated a very high degree of expertise in the technical field as well as in communication skills and analyzing team dynamics. He worked extremely focused and solution-orientated. He showed a very positive attitude, grasped new tasks quickly and took over responsibility. Christian was significantly involved in bringing knowledge to the whole area of platform operations by giving weekly Workshops within our division and moreover making our learnings transparent to the whole of our Product and Technology Department by giving a speech.

Christian was a highly valued addition to my team in these three months and I am looking forward to our next cooperation.

09/2018 - 12/2018
DevOps Engineer
Öffentlicher Dienst
  • Consulting agile project to implement the DevOps mindset and tools (Docker, Ansible, Jenkins, Graylog, Prometheus, Jboss, Wildfly, Docker swarm, Kubernetes, JIRA, Confluence, git, maven, postgres)

  • Moving from on premise to container, from monolith to services

  • Impl. logging, monitoring, maven and Jenkins build pipelines

  • Teaching communication and team soft-skills

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Profilbild von Christian Strobel DevOps/DevSecOps Consultant / Lead aus Berlin DevOps/DevSecOps Consultant / Lead