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Yaroslav Tarasenko

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Cloud Infrastructure Consultant

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Experienced infrastructure engineer with team leadership experience.

I have 4+ years production experience designing and maintaining  cloud and container-based solutions and more than 10 years overall of system engineering experience (on-prem datacenters management, provisioning, configuration management, monitoring, designing ops processes, team building).

Performed successful migrations from on-prem to AWS. Designed and built from scratch a distributed video hosting solution, decentralized proof-of-concept file locker architecture (coding in tcl, c, node.js).

For my programming tasks I'm mostly relying on shell scripting, opting to ruby or python when needed.


SIEMENS Mobility Division, Berlin
– Designed cloud-based deep learning pipelines
– Architected and deployed in production a GPU-based ECS cluster for image recognition
– Developed an installation package for offline setup of ARM-based IoT devices
– Designed CD pipelines and monitoring setup in AWS for the service go-live release
– Organized an incident response process during and after go-live
– Implemented AWS Lambda-based system for database users and credentials management
– Developed infrastructure in AWS for a new component (Stacker/CloudFormation)
JAN 2017 – SEP 2017
Flixbus, Berlin
Position: Sr DevOps Engineer
Industry: Transportation
Worked with production kubernetes in a microservices-based setup
MAY 2013 – DEC 2016
HERE Deutschland (former Nokia gate5 GmbH), Berlin
Position: Sr Systems Engineer
Industry: Mapping/navigation
Migrated HERE Transit service from Nokia on-premise DC to AWS
Promoted DevOps culture in an RnD team
Developed infrastructure in AWS for a Big Data project
JAN 2014 – DEC 2014, remote
Position: Linux Automation Engineer
Industry: Hosting
Replaced Travis CI system with a customized jenkins/docker/ruby-based solution
MAR 2012 – APR 2013
Atalanta Systems Ltd
, remote
Position: Infrastructure developer
Industry: Devops consultancy
Chef/puppet coding for Linux, Windows and Solaris
SEP 2010 – AUG 2012
, Kiev, Ukraine
Position: Sysadmin team leader
Industry: File sharing
Introduced configuration management for OpenSolaris storage servers fleet (~300 machines)
Developed a cross-platform (Linux/Solaris) package building framework
Designed and implemented a decentralized file locker architecture POC (Lua/Node.js)
JUN 2010 – SEP 2011
freelance project, remote
Industry: Online video streaming
Developed and maintained in production a custom video hosting platform (Tcl/C)
JUL 2009 – APR 2010
Zillya Antivirus
, Kiev, Ukraine
Freelance developer
SEP 2003 – AUG 2010
System administrator/team leader
Industries: Payment card processing, Online advertising, Retail shopping
Companies: Innovative marketing Ukraine, Bit Systems, CommerceLab Ltd, Caravan shopping
center, New Logic


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Profilbild von Yaroslav Tarasenko Cloud Infrastructure Consultant aus Berlin Cloud Infrastructure Consultant