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Mohamed Ghassen Brahim


Letztes Update: 27.07.2022

Full-Stack Software Entwickler

Firma: CC Conceptualise GmbH
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Azure, Azure Devops, Cloud Strategie , Architekture 
c# / .net Core / ASP.NET CORE / .NET / JAVASCRIPT / REACTJS / ANGULAR / Serverless / Azure / AWS / MongoDB / ArrangoDB / SQL Server / Oracle / Jquey / react-native / css3 / HTML5 / Salesforce / Sales Cloud / Service Cloud / Pentaho / Erlang/OTP / Elixir / c / c++ / IONIC / XAMARIN


December 2018 Januar –Current
Company : Freelancer
C#.Net/.nett Core / ASP.NET CORE / Azure serverless / Azure Functions / React.js / React-Native Projects.
December 2017 - January 2018
Company : Le palace
Position : Full-Stack Developper / Proejct Manager
Development of Mobile apps that will be deployed internally in a massage and beauty center devices using React-native , sound cloud APIS , GraphQL / Apollo / HTML5 /Css3, JIRA. Configuration of Salesforce to use for Sales / Customer Management.
September 2017 - December 2017
Company : AXA CS
Position : Full-Stack Developper / Architect
Development of Web Application with Angularjs , JQuery, Oracle, ASP.NET MVC , C# , JIRA, HTML5 , CSS3,bootstrap 4, respond.js
Consulting on App Architecture / Design .
Improve performances, appearance , errors management and reliability of the Systems. 
Juin 2017 - September 2017
Company : NinjaConcept GmbH
Position : Full-Stack Ninja
Developing Back-End and Front-End Systems using the State of the Art Js Technologies (React.js , GraphQL , Apollo , Ramda etc)
Help Developing a new Innovative digital Insurance ( ) .
Developing / Consulting Mobile Applications with React-Native.
December 2016-Mai 2017
Company: Peak & Peak
Position: Software Engineer
Peak & Peak is a digital agency , helping Clients to get the Most of Marketing / Sales / CRMs thanks to high tech solutions.
Programming languages: JavaScript / React.js/Node.js / React-Native/Apex/VisualForce
Developing API / VisualForce ( Pages / Components )  / Apex  / Triggers to response to business needs of our customers .
Deploying Node.js microservices to heroku and managing them.
React-Native Development for IOS / Android Insurance Management App with Integration of Salesforce.
Clients :
Client from the Immobile Branch: Salesforce Configuration, Development of Apex / VisualForce Pages to Manage Territory and automatically assign Sales Agent Opportunities and Manage them.
IT Consultancy Agency: Salesforce Configuration, Development of Service Cloud, Lightning Component, Apex Trigger to Manage Sales Opportunities and Increase Customer Satisfaction through good communication Progress, Configuration of Dashboard/analytics.
Data Integration with SAP using Microservices Fault-Tolerant non-stoppable App Architecture.
E-Commerce  : Salesforce Configuration , Development of Product Management / Box Preparation Automation Process using Service Cloud , Development of Dashboard/analytics  using Lightning .
Marketing Cloud / Pardot Configuration.
Financial Services Provider: Salesforce Configuration, Apex/Visual Force Component / Pages Development , Heroku Connect To Sync Data between Heroku and Salesforce , Microservices using Node.js for Solving Business Requirements, Development of Broker / Insured Mobile apps using React-Native .
Marketing Cloud / Pardot Configuration.
Business Consultancy Agence : Sales Reporting and up-sell Lightning Components , Triggers , Salesforce Mobile One App Development.
Maintenance of Full-Stack JS Based Web app using Nodejs , Reactjs webpack etc (
Mai 2016- November 2016
Company: N-Fuse GmbH 
Position: Javascript Software Developer
N-Fuse GmbH specialize in the design, development and deployment of high-tech digital innovative solutions and E-Commerce systems.
Programming languages: JavaScript
My Rolle as a Developer by N-Fuse in the Design and Developpement of Microservices using Node.js, Koa.js, gRPC , Docker  , ArangoDB , apache Kafka , Angular 2,React.js , TypeScript and a lot of Other Technologies .
October 2015- February 2016
Company: NeoConcept
Position: Full-Stack Software Developer
Neoconcept specialize in the design, development and deployment of high-tech digital innovative solutions with two principal areas : SAAS products ( Software as a Service) and IOT/Smart Cities ( Some Side projects )
Programming languages: C#, JavaScript
  • Solution Design , Architecture and Framework development to respond to customers’ needs using C# MVC 5 , SQL SERVER , HTML5 , CSS3 , Bootstrap , JavaScript , JQuery and Kendo UI : A small SAAS CRM Application that allow users to register clients , suppliers , leads , Marketing workflow management , e-mail , calendar , Reminder of Appointments .
  • Developed the web Interface of a Smart City Project From the front-end to the Back-end using meteor.js , Dynamodb and AWS ( Amazon web services , especially : DynamoDB, SNS and S3) and the Google MAP API  : Geolocalized Services Management using the most generic geometric shape :  Polygons , Deals Management System , Multi-users , Roles  Management , Restaurants Management ( With Geolocalisation ) , Events Management and Sending Notifications to Mobile Apps ( through SNS ). And Also testing using the Jasmin Framework.
  • Participating in the Development of  a Product Catalogue Mobile App : This app would expose a list of products with prices and all necessary information for clients , the client can create and account , look at the product catalogue with an advanced filter and add a product to the wish list . This app was developed using Angular.js and Ionic with interaction with a Magento Back-end through the SOAP API V1 and the REST API ( JSON).
  • Participating in the Development of  an Appointment taker App  : Basically it is  an App for a clinic specialized in radiology : The user can create an Account and request an Appointment  with a Doctor  , manage his Appointments and track their Station (Confirmed , Waiting , Cancelled ). This app was developed using Angular.js and Ionic with interaction with a Wordpress Back-end through the REST API ( JSON format).
Juin 2015- September 2005
Company: Sac-Consulting – Tunisie Compétence
Position: Full-Stack Software Developer / Project Life-Cycle Manager
Tunisie Compétence and Sac-Consulting are two companies that are part of the Sac-Consulting Group . This group of companies is specialized in training organisation and Industrial Certifications.
  • Requirements Analysis ,Solution  Design , Architecture and Implementation of CRM and E-Marketing Management System using PHP , MYSQL , Javascript , JQuery , CSS3 and bootstrap.
  • Project Life-cycle full Cycle Management: Design, Development, Deployment and Maintenance.
  • The solution give users the possibility to Manage Clients , Suppliers , E-Mails ( Including Mass Mailing ) , Financial Management ( Gain Management) , User Roles Management , Bills Management , Trainings Management and a nice Dashboard with amazing Analytics.
  • SMTP server setup ( using Windows Server 2012 R2)
July 2014 - August 2014
Company: ThinkSoft + NeoConcept
Position: Software Developer Intern
  • Requirements analysis and Architecture design ( UML) , Database Design and Prototype development of a Computerized Maintenance Management System using SQL SERVER 2012 , C# MVC 4 , JavaScript , HTML5 , CSS3 , JQuery and Kendo UI .
  • The prototype give users the possibility to Manage Equipments,  track Maintenance of Equipment’s ,Manage Employees and Tasks assigned to each one , Plane the Maintenance and Manage the Stock of the recharge parts.  
Juin 2014 - July 2014
Company: EasySoft
Position: Software Developer Intern
  • Participated  in the Development of a Quality Maintenance Management System using VB.NET , WinForms, SQL Server 2008 and DevExpress.
  • The solution gives the user the possibility to track Quality levels in Manufacturing Companies through different level from raw Material to the Final Project.
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System Requirements Analysis and Architecture Design ( UML) , a prototype development using DevExpress and ASP.NET MVC C#.
  • Development of a Prediction Model to predict the Break Down time of an Equipment based on the history of the maintenance of the same equipment. This was done using supervised learning  through a neural-Network ( Implemented in C#).