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CV November 2012

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I am a principal consultant for SQL Server, a Cloud / Enterprise Architect and run my consulting business successfully since 2003.
I frequently troubleshoot SQL Server, automate things with PowerShell and I love it when all parts of the Enterprise IT Infrastructure fit together nicely so that companies gets more out of it than the sum of its parts.

I see myself as a blend of business consultant, software developer, systems engineer, enterprise architect and automator. In reality, it just means I have already made a lot of expensive mistakes during my career and learned what works and what does not. Now I am trying to help others avoid those mistakes.
My mission is to guide you through introducing, implementing and living processes, tools and best practices that get you into a state of having a consistent and reliable data infrastructure.

Benefit from my experience of operating SQL Servers for customers around the world for 15+ years. I am running instances ranging from small servers with only a few databases to multi-node 24/7 business critical servers with TB of active data.

By applying principles like infrastructure-as-code, automation, chaos monkey design and devops, you can rest assured that every SQL Server is managed with the level of attention it deserves.

To learn more or if you require any help on this journey, feel free to contact me.

Keywords: DBA, Architect, Enterprise Architect, Developer, DevOps, Microsoft, Azure
  • 04/2019 - bis jetzt

    • S.Oliver
  • Principal Consultant SQL Server (External)
  • As a freelancer I am working with the on-site DBA team.
    I am architecting and guiding the installation of the future SQL Server landscape to ensure that it meets and exceeds current and upcoming expectations.
    Focus on zero data loss, minimal downtime and security.
    Multi-server environment supporting SQL Server 2012 to 2017 with different performance classifications and availability zones.
    Guiding the team on processes around administration, monitoring and performance tuning.

  • 09/2017 - bis jetzt

    • CBC / Radio Canada
  • SQL Server Consultant (external)
  • CBC is taking an Interplay MAM environment into production, backed up by SQL Server as the database system.
    CBC approached me to guide them through the necessary processes and changes to ensure that business operations can take place as planned, without having to worry about growing demands. Full redundancy is critical to ensure continuous operations, so during my engagement the current setup is reviewed and optimised as necessary.
    A core part of the engagement consists of guidance and recommendations on disaster recovery and general process implementation, including the definition of RPO and RTO objectives and making sure the system can meet these objectives.
    Potential performance bottlenecks should be identified and a plan to remove them as necessary should be provided.

    Technology: Interplay MAM, SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition, 4 node AlwaysOn Availability Group

  • 10/2013 - bis jetzt

    • Klüber Lubrication München SE & Co. KG
    • >10.000 Mitarbeiter
    • Industrie und Maschinenbau
  • Principal SQL Server Consultant
  • xternal Technical lead for all SQL Servers (EAS)

    ● Roadmap and capacity planning (new instances, upgrades, updates, High Availability).
    ● Designing and implementing hardware architectures for new instances.
    ● Installation, configuration and upgrading of databases and systems.
    ● Developing methods of monitoring databases and utilizing monitoring tools to optimize and
    enhance database performance.
    ● Providing technical support and troubleshooting.
    ● Design and implement disaster recovery processes.
    ● Design and implement complex migration and/or upgrade scenarios.
    ● Create and maintain comprehensive business continuity plans.
    ● Design and implement best practices and guidelines around coding, maintenance and operations.
    ● Coding scripts, procedures, functions, etc.
    ● SSIS and SSRS design and implementation.

  • 11/2003 - bis jetzt

    • Andreas Schubert
  • Owner
  • I am a principal consultant for SQL Server, a Cloud / Enterprise Architect and run my consulting business successfully since 2003.

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