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StreamServe Persuasion Consulting für SAP, Oracle, Infor, LHS BSCS

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Ecodocx LLC hilft Ihnen, bei der Planung Realisation Ihrer OpenText StreamServe Persuasion CCM Projekte.
Alle Berater von Ecodocx LLC sind StreamServe-zertifiziert. Unser Team besteht aus Beratern und Entwicklern mit 10+ Jahre Branchenerfahrung, die lange Zeit direkt für OpenText gearbeitet haben. Mit Zertifikaten StreamServe Business Communication Channels, StreamServe Core Technologies, StreamServe Persuasion Developer - Channels and Formats und StreamServe Persuasion System Administration and Installation - bescheinigt OpenText StreamServe die Mitarbeiter unserer Firma, dass sie an mehrtägigen Schulungen teilgenommen und die anschließenden Prüfungen erfolgreich absolviert haben.

Wir helfen Ihnen bei der Planung, Realisation und Weiterentwicklung ihrer StreamServe Projekte.
We are happy to provide you with examples of our past successes and of the customers currently using the proposed solutions and services, which streamlined their document generation, printing and document management process.
We do recognize the value of customer references and we have a structured program in place that respects and protects the confidentiality of our customers.

We have found through years of experience that providing references contacts too early in the process places the burden of education about our technical and functional capabilities on our customers rather than on us. By going through the process of joint discovery, solution design, and product demonstrations prior to providing detailed reference information allows both our customers and our prospective business partners to have a much more focused and meaningful conversation. Although Ecodocx does not release client contact information in the introduction process, we will put forward an appropriate calendar of reference calls and contacts should your company select Ecodocx to the next round of the selection process.

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