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Miroslaw Opoka

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Senior Software Engineer

Abschluss: Diplomingenieur (Computer Science)
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Miroslaw is a software engineer with 20+ years of experience translating business dreams into actionable plans, robust architectures, and maintainable products. He specializes in object-oriented solutions for Linux (C, C++, Python) and embedded systems (C, C++) for industrial applications where reliability and safety are critical.

Miroslaw fosters open communication to ensure that the business logic is well understood, the code is clean and readable, and the final product is future-proof.

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06/2019 - 11/2021
Software engineer/architect
The client has a system for fire detection and reacting on it with a demand for high reliability (obviously).

The task was to redesign the system during transition to a new hardware platform.

The old C code was analyzed and requirements were extracted - directly from documents and discussions and indirectly from the code. Then a new architecture (a distributed networking C++ application(s)) was designed, followed by a proof of concept and finally by the final code working on a prototype hardware.

The new system utilizes modern C++17 on embedded Linux machine running on MangOH hardware.

02/2019 - 06/2021
Senior Software Engineer
  • Designed a robust embedded software architecture allowing non-technical users building embedded systems. In that way a new products do not have to be coded in C/C++ at all, but instead built from ready to use, domain specific components.
  • Contributed to establishing state-of-the-art coding practices ensuring quality of the code.
  • Consulted and served as a tech-leader for (some) of the subcontractors working on the project.
  • Wrote the initial POC code which included embedding a system consisting of easily-selectable and domain-specific components, a code generator "gluing" the common part with a project-specific one, and building a system for full automation.

Zeitliche und räumliche Verfügbarkeit

Ich arbeite am liebsten aus meinem Homeoffice in Innsbruck, Austria oder nicht weit davon.
Am Anfang eines Projektes es ist natürlich möglich gewisse Zeit auch vor Ort zu sein.


Mpreis Warenvertriebs Gmbh
IT Manager (DI Hans-Peter Guggenbichler)
"Herr Opoka konnte durch seine fachliche Kompetenz und sein qualifiziertes Expertenwissen die anstehenden Themen bearbeiten und Lösungsvorschläge unterbreiten. In der sehr vertrauensvollen Atmosphäre war die Zusammenarbeit sehr fokussiert und ergebnisorientiert, zudem kurzweilig und sympathisch. Wir haben mit Herrn Opoka nicht nur den passenden Ansprechpartner zur Lösung der unmittelbaren Herausforderungen gefunden, wir konnten auch weiterführende Probleme adressieren. Jederzeit gerne wieder!"
deputy team leader (Michael Pajonk)
"Always dedicated to his work he was able to provide great solutions that are simple, flexible and easy to extend or adapt when the scope changes.<br /> Capable to coordinate the work of other team members he is a big plus for every project.<br /> Since Miroslaw is eager to have a full understanding of the system he is working with, there is no space for shady parts of code that might lead to strange behaviour when extending the code base<br /> You are lucky when you got the opportunity to get him for your project"