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Michael Knecht

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Senior App Developer iOS - Communications Technology Expert

Firma: Michael Knecht
Abschluss: Dipl. Informatik / Diploma in Information Technology - University of Dortmund
Stunden-/Tagessatz: anzeigen
Sprachkenntnisse: deutsch (Muttersprache) | englisch (verhandlungssicher)


Total 30 Years of Client/Server and Communications Protocol Development skills

Mobile Application Devlopment using Flutter
- Dart Language Skills
- Using Flutter in existing Native Apps (iOS and Android)
- Flutter Web

Mobile Application Development Android (3 Years Android Developement Experience):
- Android API Level 23 -29
- Android NDK
- AndroidX
- Java & Kotlin

Mobile Application Development iOS (10 Years iOS Developement Experience):
- Swift & ObjectiveC
Audio API:
- AUGraph API for Audio Programming, 
- Low Latency Audio Output and Recording, 
- Audio Format Conversion, 
- Realtime Mixing of various Audio Sources , 
- Silence Detection, 
- Noise Reduction    

- Low Level Video Recording API
- Fast Video Image Conversion using Maschine Programming (ARMV7 CPU Neon extensions)
- Image Rotation, Scaling, Cropping
- Image Format conversion (iPhone Camera Format into VP8 Video Format)

Open GLES 2.0:
- Open GL Shader / Vertex Programming 
- Writing an OpenGL Video View for GPU accelerated conversion, rotation and presentation of streamed video data

Core Animation
- Building time based and interactive animations for presentation and transition of views 
- Animation of controls

- Building an End-to-End encryption for multimedia chat base on Public/Private Key encryption with 2048 Bit Keys

Core Data:
- 6 Years of Core Data Programming experience

- Low Level Network Programming 
- Implementation of RTP/SRTP Audio / Video streaming (Realtime Transport Protocol)
- Implementation of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) for iOS
- AFNetwork Framework Programming
- NSURLSession Programming

Other Frameworks and Skills:
- StoreKit Framework
- Security Framework
- SystemConfiguration Framework
- AddressBook Framework
- CoreImage Framework
- CoreMedia Framework

Server Side Backend Development Skills:
- Java Application Development using Tomcat Application Server (15 Years)
- MySQL Database Development (15 Years)
- JSP / Struts 
- Java Socket Communication 
- HTTP and HTTP/2 Communication 
- WebServices API
- Spring/Spring Boot
- Java Native API (JNI)
- JavaFX

Cloud Services and Micro Services Skills:
- Amazon Web Services Cloud Architect (8 Years)
  - Amazon EC2
  - Amazon S3
  - Amazon RDS
  - Amazon SDK for Java and iOS
  - Amazon ElastiCache
  - Amazon Route 51
- Micro Services Architect based on Docker and Kubernetes
- Cloud Migration and RollOut  
- Building Automatic Scaleable Cloud Services

Communication Skills:
- Development VoIP, Video and Conferencing Systems for Mobile Aplications
- SIP Protocol Development (Session Initiation Protocol) - Objective-C and Java 
- RTP / SRTP Protocol Development  (Realtime Transport Protocol) - Objective-C and Java 
- WebRTC Protocol Stack Development
- iOS/Android Push Server Development


C2Call Social Communication SDK:
VoIP, Video, Conferencing and Rich Media Messaging SDK for iOS
1 Jahr Entwicklung und Livecycle Management
High Performance iOS/Android Push Notification Server for latest iOS (http/2) and Android GCM Push API (Jan 2016)
Complete App development plus implementation of VoIP Backend Services based on C2Call VoIP Platform

Lufthansa Systems:
Development of an Airport Management Application for Lufthansa Systems for iPad and Web-Browser

BrilNet Conferencing:
BrilNet Conferencing ( - iOS Client development, WEB development, backend server development, Amazon cloud based roll-out. Shared whiteboard development (client & server - 2014/2015)

Zeitliche und räumliche Verfügbarkeit

Preferrably I'm available for a mixture of OnSite + Remote work. 
Alternating 1 week OnSite and 1 week Remote after an initial project setup period OnSite is my preferred model.
Nearby project can be 100% OnSite. My radius is approx. 400 km around Dortmund area. 
I'm also available for international projects.