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Profilbild von VuThoai Le Ich suche für eine Freelancer Stelle aus Frankfurt

I have completed my Bachelor of EEIT in University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt am Main and now pursuing my Master degree in Information Technology( just completed 2nd semester). During my study I have done quite many programming subjects like:
  • Fundamental programming with C and C++
  • Programming with Mathlab
  • High-Level Programming language
  • Programming for microcontroller using C++ and Assembly
  • Information Processing with project( programming with C# and XAML for Windows phone Apps, also using SQL database)
  • Java language
  • Bachelor project and thesis of programming for microcontroller to implement the sensor-actor system
  • Software engineering( programming with Azure technology, C# and, web API with HTML)
  • Distributed systems and computer network( Service bus for reliable messaging, point-to-point pattern, pub/sub pattern, actor model programming…),
Some of my projects I have done:
  • Develop a Java typing challenge game for 2 participants
  • Programming for AVR microctroller to implement a sensor-actor system for Assistant Robot of University of Applied Science Frankfurt am Main.
  • Develop a Windows Phone Apps, that will act like a library. You can add books, add authors, book information, lend out books, querry books based on Author and book name…
  • Develop a Asp.NET application with WebApi, which generates the vCard based on supplied data. The application should be hosted as Windows Azure Web Site, which provides a single HTML5 page. The user can enter all his contact data including foto and summit them to the server. As result the Web Api based REST service will create the vCard. The vCard will be stored in the Windows Azure blob storage. After successfully generated vCard HTML page presents the URL of the vCard( encoded without user data in URL) and two QR tags. First one contains the URL of the vCard and second one contains the whole vCard.
  • Implementing a Service bus technology for reliable messaging, with Point-to-point model as well as Pub-Sub model based on C#
I have worked 5 months in a software company major in programming for Real Estate Industry
3 hours per days from 9-11 pm
I have a very good English knowledge and good German