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Embedded Software Architect / Designer / Tester

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Hohe Qualität software design - entwicklung - test, Embedded C/C++,Design patterns,UML,Funktionale Sicherheit,Medizintechnik

Programming Languages  :
C++, C, C#, ARM assembler, Renesas H8 8-bit CPU
assembler, Intel Assembler, Python

Microcontrollers / CPUs :
ATMEL ARM Cortex-M4 and M3 Microcontroller, Renesas H8
8-bit CPU

Software Development Standards :
IEC 62304 medical device software,
Software Functional Safety,
DOD 2167
Automotive Consultancy Company
Consultant Embedded Software Architect / Designer
03-2018 / Present
Project: Electronic On Board Sensor for Auto
Firmware architecture adaptations, implementation, control State Machine, Testing
Skills: Architectural Design, UML, C, GIT extensions.

Refu  Gmbh
Consultant Embedded Software Architect / Designer
10-2017 / 03-2018
Project: Solar Inverter Safety Processor for Grid Feeding Control
Software architecture adaptations, implementation of HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) for ADC
(temperature, phase voltage). PWM (relays control), electrical grid control State Machine.
Skills: Architectural Design, UML, C, ARM assembler, NXP LPC2134 ARM7 CPU, Functional Safety, GIT

Solectrix Gmbh
Consultant Embedded Software Architect / Designer
04-2017 / 10-2017
Project: Android porting to a point of care handheld medical device
Software porting architecture, implementation of Android HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer), for
display/touch screen and camera services.
Skills: Architectural Design, Android, UML, C++, C, Linux, NXP i.MX7D dual ARM Soc processor.

Miccavionics Gmbh
Consultant Embedded Software
Architect / Designer
04-2016 / 12-2016
Project: Platform Independent Navigation Planning System
Architecture, detailed design, implementation of OSAL (Operating System Abstraction Layer), for
airborne navigation planning systems using UML, embedded Linux, C++11.

Roche, Germany
Consultant Embedded Software Architect/Designer and Verification Engineer
02.2015 - 03.2016
Project: Insulin delivery pump
Detailed design, implementation, test/debugging, according to medical industry standard IEC 62304, of embedded C ,functional safety class C, software for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) application protocol interface and Flash memory device driver on ARM Cortex M4 processor.

Project: Insulin delivery pump software test and verification
Designed and developed C# and Python black box test cases for the BLE communication interface, application protocol layer.

Landis+Gyr, Germany
Consultant Embedded Software Design Engineer
04.2014 - 12.2014
Project: Electronic Smart Meter :
UML designed/developed/unit tested/integrated embedded C for ARM cortex processor for the serial communication interface subsystem using the M-bus communication protocol and the (MMI) Man Machine Interface display component. Used real-time multitask LINUX-like kernel. Reverse engineered Renesas H8 8-bit microprocessor assembler.

Achelos GmbH, Germany
Consultant JavaCard Software Design Engineer
12.2013 - 03.2014
Project: Secure Java Card Feature
Developed Java PC applets and involved in the feature design according to the java card 3 platform,
runtime environment specification.
Consultant Embedded

Intel Mobile Communications, Germany
Consultant Embedded Software Test Verification Engineer UMTS L1
08.2011 - 09.2013
Project: HSDPA, HSUPA, Dual Sim, Rx-Tx Diversity features
• Designed and developed C++ black/grey box test cases for new UMTS Layer 1 (L1) mobile phone embedded firmware features analyzing system requirements documents. Performrd requirements reviews, fault analysis, regression tests execution on simulator and HW target.

Advantest, Germany
Consultant Embedded Software Engineer
11.2009 - 06.2011
Project: Industrial automated system (ATE)
• C++ software design and implementation of a simulated HW devices data measurement subsystem based on the SAX framework XML parser. Used Linux RTOS, STL library, UML, various software “Design Patterns”, Eclipse SDK.

Siemens Medical, Germany
Consultant Embedded Software Engineer
09.2008 - 09.2009
Project: Responsible for UML software design and development of calibration and image conditioning for a x-ray scanner medical device
Definition and analysis of use cases.
High level and detailed UML object orientated design with C++ code generation using the Rational Rhapsody IDE .
Used of software “Design Patterns”.
Debugging using QNX Momentics IDE.
Used QNX real-time multitask RTOS.

NXP, Germany
Principal Embedded Software Engineer
08.2004 - 08.2008
Project: Responsible for design,development and maintenance of proprietary mobile phone real-time kernel

• High level and detailed object orientated design of POSIX i/f features using software “Design Patterns”.
• MISRA compliant embedded C and ARM assembler development, host and target tests using DDD and Lauterbach-Trace32 debugger.

Project: LINUX porting on a mobile phone system board
• Successfully ported the LINUX serial console and memory management subsystem.

3Com Europe Ltd, UK
Senior Embedded Software Engineer
01.1998 - 01.2004
• Definition and analysis of use cases requirements using Rational Rose.
• High level and detailed object oriented design using UML sequence diagrams, class diagrams realizing the defined use cases.
• Embedded C++, hardware device drivers coding carried out on Wind River Tornado/Sniff suite. Used XRAY Microtec ICE for target testing/debugging.

Metrodata Ltd.,UK
Senior Embedded Software Engineer
02.1996 - 02.1998
Project: CDX packet tunneler hardware device driver from E1 to frame relay protocols
• Design and C object oriented coding of four RS-422 ports frame relay embedded hardware device drivers using the HDLC protocol to generate Frame Relay packets. Used XRAY Microtec ICE for target testing/debugging

Northrop Grumman Italy S.p.A , Italy
Embedded Software Engineer
02.1991 - 01.1996
Project: EUROSAM - Inertial land navigation system for missile launching platforms
• Firmware requirements definition/analysis (OOA methodology), design (HOOD methodology) and object oriented C coding for I/O hardware device drivers
Project: Inertial land navigation system for German tanks
• Implementation in C of an embedded device driver for the GPS serial data acquisition subsystem
Forward looking, energetic team player with get things done attitude is looking for challenging freelance
software architect/developer or test/verification positions.
Creative and versatile individual with extensive experience in software development for real-time, embedded
platforms, developed in the defence, medical and network/mobile telecom industries.
Expert in real-time-multitasking embedded systems as well as in the design/development/verification of large
and complex software projects.