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Senior DevOps / Senior Software Engineer

Profilbild von Michael Franke Senior DevOps / Senior Software Engineer aus Pottiga
  • 07366 Pottiga Freelancer in
  • Abschluss: Diplom Informatiker (FH)
  • Stunden-/Tagessatz: 75 €/Std. 600 €/Tag
  • Sprachkenntnisse: deutsch (Muttersprache) | englisch (verhandlungssicher) | japanisch (Grundkenntnisse)
  • Letztes Update: 28.07.2019
  • AWS (EC2, ECS, DynamoDB, Kinesis, ElastiCache, ELB/ALB/NLB, S3, etc.) > 4 years
  • Python 2+3, >5 years:
    • gevent, twisted, asyncio, uvloop
    • uwsgi, gunicorn
    • pyramid
    • boto + moto
    • requests, treq, aiohttp
    • selenium, etc.
  • Java (J2EE, JSP, etc.)
  • Delphi > 3 Years
  • C/C++
  • Databases:
    • Postgresql >5 years,
    • MySQL >4 years,
    • MSSQL >2 years,
    • FirebirdSQL >2 years,
    • NoSQL:
      • CouchDB >5 years,
      • Redis >4 years,
      • DynamoDB >4 years
      • LevelDB > 4 years
      • LMDB
  • Jenkins-CI
  • Web development (HTML, JS, XML, XSD, etc.)
  • HAproxy Nginx
  • vagrant, docker > 4 years
  • terraform
  • Saltstack
  • linux: debian, ubuntu, redhat, etc.
  • git, mercurial
since 09/2018 freedom manufaktur GmbH – senior software engineer
  • adaption of a portal prototype written with (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, jQueryUI, etc.) and successfully transform it to a ready product
  • redesign portals, cleanup and migrate databases
  • migrate project structures and reduction of dependencies
  • implement state of the art security the portal and the user management
  • export and import of data structures
  • remote development from china and and Germany together with the development team in Berlin and Potsdam
  • design and implement a management portal and mail service in windows to automate the distribution of scanned pages/images using SQL Server, Laravel and C#

since 2015 MF.net UG & Co. KG senior software engineer (founder & owner)
  • specialized software and infrastructure consultancy
  • development of custom software in Python, PHP, JavaScript, Delphi, Java
  • development of software for ARM based hardware e.g. Raspberry

09/2014 - 05/2018 SilverEgg Co. Ltd. - Remotely from Germany
10/2012 - 08/2014 SilverEgg Co. Ltd. in Japan Osaka
  • designed, implemented and deployed a highly scale-able AD distribution system
  • incrementally designed, automated and deployed Docker based infrastructure orchestrated Consul and ECS
  • re-designed a self hosted monolithic and hardly scalable recommendation system and it's entire deployment process
  • successfully re-engineered the existing monolithic recommendation system into several highly scale-able python based micro-services using consul and ECS
  • migrated almost all existing services from Python 2.7 to 3.6
  • migrated self hosted infrastructure to AWS using technologies like EC2, ECS, Kinesis, Redis, DynamoDB, CouchDB, PostgreSQL and Aurora
  • improved and simplified the building, testing and deploying process orchestrating phabricator, Jenkins-CI, terraform, docker, fluentd, sentry, ECS
  • improvement of existing and implementation of new recommendation algorithms using python based microservices, kinesis and dynamodb, aurora and redis
  • preparing, deploying, monitoring and maintaining 100+ production systems (debian, ubuntu, centos) running on AWS (EC2, ECS)
  • designed and implemented a monitoring system for remaining self-hosted services and infrastructure in python using twisted
  • technologies: debian, python, twisted, gevent, asyncio, uvloop, pyramid, uwsgi, gunicorn, consul, java, nginx, haproxy, jenkins, phabricator, fluentd, sentry, etc.

04/2010 – 08/2012 delling.net GmbH – software engineer and system administrator
  • development and improvement of ERP software for specialized business requirements
  • improve and maintain web-services
  • configuration, administration and maintenance of Windows and Linux servers
  • tools: Delphi, Visual C/C++, MSSQL, FirebirdSQL, MySQL

03/2009 – 02/2010 mobilcom debitel Group – software engineer
  • design and implement middle-ware to exchange data between many different ERP systems within the mobilecom debitel Group
  • tools: Delphi, JDK, Eclipse, NetBeans, HTML, CSS, JS, XML/XSLT, Tomcat, FirebirdSQL, MySQL

10/2008 – 11/2008 Allianz (Stuttgart Germany)software engineer
  • development and improvement of an Java Framework to manage insurance products
  • tools: JDK, Eclipse, WebSphere, JBoss, DB2, HTML, JavsScript, XML
12/2007 – 02/2010 main {GRUPPE} GmbH – software engineer and consultant
  • development and improvement of a Java and JavaScript framework to manage asynchronous request
  • software development and consultancy for companies
  • design and implement a Java framework to analyze Java code using analyzing and quality checking frameworks
  • tools: JDK, Eclipse, NetBeans, Ant, Maven, Tomcat, Hibernate, Spring, FirebirdSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS
02/2003 – 07/2003 delling.net GmbH (internship) – software engineer
  • integration of an scanning and archiving system into a existing ERP system
  • software quality testing & improvment
  • tools: Visual C/C++, Delphi, FirebirdSQL
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