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  • Abschluss: Theoretische Physik
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C#, .Net Framework 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 (WCF, LINQ, WPF, MVVM), Visual Studio 2010-2013/Resharper, Python, Visual Basic, VBA, Fortran, C

Mathematische Software: Matlab, Maple, Mathematica

Datenbanken: Oracle (SQL Developer), MS Access, MS SQL Server

Kommunikation: Web Services, OPC (UA), XML, REST, Fiddler

Software-Verwaltung: Mercurial Hg, Git

Distributed Platforms: Hadoop-Hive, Spark

IT-Systeme: TXS, proprietäre Systeme der RWEST (Strolf, SPARTA…) und der Commerzbank (Corisk)

Projekt Management Tool: JIRA

Testmanagement Tool: HP QC, TestTrack, TFS, Jenkins
04/2015 – 02/2016
Project “Rig Automation” at Baker Hughes INTEQ GmbH (Celle, Germany)
  • Validate new algorithms for rig automation, e.g. for ROP (rate of penetration) optimization, allowing real-time prediction for optimal drilling parameters
  • Test manager for integrating a new software architecture for real-time data communication in the oil- and gas industry using OPC UA, the new standard for the Internet of Things and Smart Metering
  • Coordination between different project parties and solution of acute design problems and technical conflicts between the stakeholders
  • Develop test tools, document them, and perform data analysis to ensure the correctness and availability of real-time data and historical data (Python, C#, Java)
  • Improve specifications to ensure Data Integration across multiple IT platforms and a variety of programming languages

10/2014 – 12/2014     
Project Fuchstanz: Migrating the Public Finance portfolio of the Hypothekenbank Frankfurt AG from Front Arena to Summit:
  • Perform functional and acceptance tests, especially the correctness of tens of thousands cash flows in the migrated portfolio and based on this the correctness of coverpool forecast simulations, which are a regulatory requirement for the German Pfandbrief  Act,
    find and explain patterns found in the matching of the data sets and ensure data quality  in the data needed for reporting duties 
 08/2014 – 03/2015
PepperMinds Product Development „ArcNSync“:
  • Development of  an office-to-cloud solution for the Microsoft Cloud:
    Archive & Synchronization of data (email, calendar, contacts and file system) between local computer/desktop and online storage (Microsoft Cloud/Azure/OneDrive)
    Employed tools: Cloud communication using REST APIs, software language C#, database SQLite, Hadoop-Hive, Spark
04/2014 – 07/2014
08/2013 – 12/2013

Project Bedrock:, Data support in building the covered bond business of the Commerzbank AG (Frankfurt, Germany):
  • Tester (design und execution) for data transformations, interfaces and workflows based on IT platform TXS (client-server solution with Oracle DB). Quality assurance via test cases that were calculated using Excel/Access/VBA
  • Prototype development (in Excel/VBA) to provide target results for Coverpool-Forecast-Tool: implementing an algorithm for active cover pool management in accordance with the German Pfandbrief Act.
  • Development of a parallel calculation for the legally required principal value coverage report, resp. stress tests of TXS with modified market data (interest curves)

01/2014 – 03/2014
Market analysis and customer interviews with MES/ERP-System providers to evaluate user needs for gathering and processing machine data in the Internet of Things.
Strategy and software development (C#) in connection with a PepperMinds in-house project: Developing a Test-Client for receiving data from an OPC (UA) stream originating from an OPC (UA) server and for two-way communication. OPC (UA) is used as a new standard to collect machine data in the Internet of Things

12/2012 – 08/2013
External IT project manager and software engineer at RWE Supply & Trading GmbH (Essen, Germany)
Project SPARTA: Building a workflow and data stream manager that calculates and determines hedges (power, coal, gas, CO2 certificates), these are used for the “continental” RWE assets (power plants in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium). The workflow manager allows to analyze different data sources in a structured way, and to represent the flow of data as a directed graph.

Project lead of mayor SPARTA-Streaming components, that take over previously used Access & Excel tools:
  • Implementing the so-called BAFA-Hedge-Unwinding Workflow
  • Quality assurance: automatically detect flaws and anomalies in the input data sources
  • Implementing a component central to the SPARTA streaming architecture: Archive & Replay (A&R). A&R allows, together with information stored in the SPARTA database (Archive), to reproduce archived results including intermediate calculations, even if the software changed in the meantime. A&R allows the integration of quality assurance in workflows through comparison with archived results. A&R ensures reproducibility and auditability of results.    

01/2010 – 05/2012
Data Science Researcher at Max-Planck-Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems and University Duisburg-Essen
  • Modeling and simulation of physical processes using Matlab, Maple, Mathematica, C, Fortran, Python
  • Project leader: build mathematical models to fit the experimental data of interactions between molecules and surfaces, and predict the interaction force required in new measurements, joint project with groups in London and Trondheim   
  • Project leader: Analyze the complex network topology of molecular energy levels, and model the transport of population therein, with the goal to separate chiral molecules, in cooperation with groups in Southampton and Vienna
  • Presentation of research results at international workshops and conferences
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