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Werner Fack


Letztes Update: 25.01.2022


Firma: MGM Trade and Engineering Co.Ltd (GH)
Abschluss: Diplom Ingenieur Diplom Physiker
Stunden-/Tagessatz: anzeigen
Sprachkenntnisse: deutsch (Muttersprache) | englisch (gut)


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Elektroingenieur, Stromerzeugungsanlagen, Physiker mit Klimaphysik und Bauphysik
Bauleiter, Projektleiter, Projektentwickler, Wasserstoff Projekte und Anwendungen
Erneuerbare Energie, Kraftwerksbau Neubau, Umbau, Effizienzmaßnahmen
Stahlbau, Hochbau, Solar anlagen, Agenda 21


Zeitliche und räumliche Verfügbarkeit

überall, international, jederzeit

Sonstige Angaben

Your project made me curious.
I am German Citizen leaving in West Africa (Lagos, Accra). I am Freelancer, and currently in Berlin, Germany on Site of a Power Plant building. However, I have supervised Power Plant projects in Europe, eastern Europe, Africa (Nigeria, Egypt,.), Asia and Southern America. Gas and Oil Power Plant, Biogas, large Solar Plant, and of course any Biomass Power Plant. From Planning and erection till Commissioning.
I work as freelancer internationally in many Power and industrial projects since 35 Year
My tasks as site manager and Project Supervisor, advisor in all projects were the supervision of subcontractors and Site Team safety on site and compliance with quality and safety standards. Both in my training as a miner and in my work as an officer in disaster control, I was intensively trained in the HSE principles.  I received my SCC in Berlin.
Cooperation as an adviser for efficient Power resource utilization in Eastern Europe for EU funding banks. I also collaborate in water projects and off grid energy supply. I am an expert in construction management and supervision in quality and welding technology. I have Supervised construction projects like sugar factory, cement plant, food factory among others. I have supervised all kinds of power generation and power plant business, all kinds of renewable power generation, like substation, civil engineering. I had a training as a miner and underground maintenance worker in a salt mine in Germany in my early career.
You looking for a multi discipline application- Site Manager, Consultant and mechanical site manager and Plant Engineer and Supervisor and business analyst, Then visit my website for more detail :,
My CV is not directed to something specific but reflects the diversity of my professional experience. Should it fit, please let us speak about this opportunity in details. At Moment I has no work permit for this Country, but no Problem to get it. My family is in Nigeria.

You can contact me by email,, or call me on +491734207161. If you are not able to reach me, you can contact my Ghana colleague Mr. PM. Dr. Dodoo on +4915214599022. I am currently in a construction project as a site manager and supervisors. In the past, I have managed projects for the German government, huge Power generation with hydrogen for DLR Air space, further hydropower maintenance. I have managed Power Plant, Factories and Solar projects for Egypt Government and many other. For Reference Nigeria, please call Mr. Afee, 002348065602560
I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Best wishes 
Dipl.Ing & Dipl.Phys Werner Fack



Profilbild von Werner Fack freiberuflich aus Hohenroda freiberuflich