Agile Coach, Scaled Agile Framework Consultant Trainer (SPCT) verfügbar

Agile Coach, Scaled Agile Framework Consultant Trainer (SPCT)

Profilbild von Anonymes Profil, Agile Coach, Scaled Agile Framework Consultant Trainer (SPCT)
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  • Abschluss: Dipl.-Informatiker (FH) & Dipl.Wirt.-Ing. (FH)
  • Stunden-/Tagessatz: 250 €/Std.
  • Sprachkenntnisse: deutsch (Muttersprache) | englisch (verhandlungssicher)
  • Letztes Update: 07.04.2020
Profilbild von Anonymes Profil, Agile Coach, Scaled Agile Framework Consultant Trainer (SPCT)
Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur (FH)
Diplom-Informatiker (FH)
Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT)
Certified Large Scale Scrum Practitioner (CLP)
Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)
Certified Scrum Professional (CSP)
Zertifizierter Vertriebsingenieur

Ich biete umfangreiche Kenntnisse in den Bereichen:
- Agile Program Management (Scaled Agile Framework / SAFe)
- Project Management(agile, klassisch)
- Einführung von agilen Methoden und der Kombination mit Phasenmodellen sowie traditionellem Reporting & Controlling
- Scrum: Scrum Coaching, Interims Scrum Master, Interims Scrum Product Owner
- Multi-Project-Scrum
- Scrum@Scale, Multi-Site-Scrum
- Scrum & Festpreisprojekte
- Coaching von Scrum Product Ownern: Verbessern der Anforderungsqualität, Priorisierung, Stellung des Product Owners, Roadmaps, Zusammenarbeit mit Entwicklungsteams in komplexeren Situationen, Reporting zum Top-Management
- Erfahrungen im Bereich Steuerung von Dienstleistern, Outsourcing und Nearshoring sowie der Kombination von agilen Methoden und Nearshore-Outsourcing. Netzwerk an interessanten Dienstleistern. Due Dilligence (auch laufende Projekte).
- Erfahrung im Bereich Projektrettung (Turn around, Projekte in Schieflage übernehmen)
- Erfahrung bei Einführung von Tools zur Projektsteuerung und -durchführung, v.a. bei verteilt arbeitenden Teams. (Jira, Backlog-Management, Screensharing, Corporate Wiki, Project Wiki)

Agile Methoden:
Aktive Nutzung agiler Methoden (Scrum) seit 2004 in vielen unterschiedlichen Projekten und mit unterschiedlichen Teams. Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) der Scrum Alliance. Coach und Consultant für agile Methoden.

Management von internationalen IT-Projekten (50-1800 Personentage, 5-15 Personen). Bid-Management, Festpreisverträge und Change Request Management.

Fachliche Leitung:
Steuerung von Entwicklungsteams (u.a. Scrum Product Owner)

Steuerung von Lieferanten, Sourcing (Nearshore/Offshore) in Kombination mit agilen Methoden oder Phasenmodellen.

Prozessverbesserungen, Aufwandsschätzungen, Projektkalkulationen, Projektcontrolling und -reporting, Budgetplanung.
"I have worked with Felix for 5 months in implementing Scrum agile software development with HolidayCheck. I can highly recommend him as very experienced, fact based and motivated IT-Consultant. He has filled the position as Scrummaster ad interim and did a great job in implementing and developping the basic scrum setup to work with. His senior appearance is very good and he is therefore seen as a very highlevel authority person. Furthermore I really like his special badenian humour and his very organised style.
In case you need a scrum consultant, be quick to hire him!
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity"
-- Manuel Posch, Head of E-Commerce DACH, HolidayCheck AG

"I'm working with Felix since 2010. Felix combines advanced Agile (Scrum), technical know-how with solid communication skills, he always exceeds my expectations. I recommend Felix as a professional Scrum Coach."
-- Stanislav Semenov, CEO, Ainstainer Group

"Herr Rüssel zeichnet sich durch fundiertes technisches Fachwissen und umfangreiches Know-how im Bereich Projektmanagement und -prozesse aus. Er hat damit die Einführung und Durchsetzung neuer Werkzeuge und Prozesse [...] vorangetrieben, insbesondere um Projekte mit verteilten Teams besser durchführen zu können. Seine starke Initative im Bereich Sourcing, die zu einer dauerhaften Kooperation unseres Unternehmens mit einem Offshoring-Partner geführt haben, sind hervorzuheben."
-- Mittelständisches Unternehmen, Karlsruhe

“I started working with Felix in the middle of a then on-going project that involved multiple groups in both US and Germany. Felix had secured all possible resources to help me transition into the new role quickly, work with all groups effectively during my monthly on-the-job visit in Germany, and accomplish the tasks successfully together. Ever since, I have observed the same high work ethics of Felix throughout all following project and product development when we work together from different continents.
Among many of his professional traits, the ones that impressed me most are his ability to clearly focus on clients and their goals, his confidence in delivering the professional services as well as his positive and persistent attitude. For the nature of the ITS business, continuous learning, an excellent listener and an actual "hearer" and effective communication are a constant must-be. During my work with him, I cannot think of any moment that Felix missed these abilities in the project and product development work.
I have enjoyed all my interactions with Felix. Regardless of the work challenges, I find Felix has a sense of humor and he is fun to talk to. Well done, Felix!”
-- Jingtao Ma, ITS Product Manager, PTV America

“Felix is a exceptionally talented project manager with spectacular professional experiences. We were working together in a difficult project and thanks to his abilities, knowledge and competences we were able to deliver the result in time. I was happy to have him in the project.”
-- András Csepinszky Project manager, Connexis LLC

“Felix provided me with project management and technical input on several complex implementations and proposals in Australia. Felix provides good advice at inception and then "gets the job done", providing an effective interface between technical and commercial teams, even under highly challenging circumstances. Technically competent, Felix has earned the respect of his colleagues through consistent delivery. As well as being a very competent Project Manager with good customer-facing skills, Felix is a terrific and trustworthy person.”
-- Will Morton, Director, PTV Asia-Pacific
Großraum Frankfurt-Wiesbaden-Mainz-Rüsselsheim-Gießen-Darmstadt bevorzugt.

Teilzeit möglich.
Remote möglich.
Weiterbildung / Präsentationen:
Q2/2016 - *Conference: Scrum Day 2016 – Presentation “Big Room Planning für Furchtlose”
Q2/2016 - Scaled Agile Framework Advanced Scrum Master Certification (ASM)
Q2/2016 - Improved Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant 4.0 (SPC4) Certification
Q4/2016 - *Conference: PMCamp 2016 – Session: “Scrum at Scale is LeSS SAFe says DAD”
Q1/2015 - Embedded meets Agile 2015 – Conference about Agile in Automotive & Medical Environments
Q4/2014 - *QS-Tag 2015 – Presentation: “Scrum of Scrums and beyond”
Q2/2014 - Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) Workshop mit Craig Larman (CLP)
Q3/2013 - Management 3.0 Training (Certificate 1309285)
Q2/2013 - Agile User Group Rhein-Main: Presentation given: Introduction to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
Q4/2012 - Conference: Deutsche Scrum 2012 – 2 Sessions given: (1) Scaling Scrum, (2) Scaled Agile Framework
Q4/2012 - Conference: PM Camp 2012 – 2 Sessions given: (1) Agile@Scale, (2) Scrum and Project Management
Q4/2012 - Certification: SAFe Program Consultant (SPC): Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
Program Consultant Workshop

Q3/2012 - Workshop “Leading the Lean|Agile Enterprise: A Two-day Workshop for Leaders, Managers, and Executives” by Dean Leffingwell (Scaled Agile Framework).
Q3/2012 - Conference: Scrum Day Germany 2012 (“UpScaled Agile in large Enterprises”)
Q2/2012 - Conference: Pentasys Perspektiven – Presentation: „Field report of two Scrum projects in an enterprise context“
Q4/2011 - PMI Frankfurt Chapter – Vortrag: „Traditionelles Projektmanagement & SCRUM“
Q3/2011 - SCRUM DAY 2011 – Konferenzbeitrag: „Traditionelles Projektmanagement & SCRUM“
Q3/2011 - Agile Eastern Europe 2011 – Konferenz für agile Entwicklungsprozesse, Kiew, Ukraine, Kurzvortrag: „Definition of READY – Stop processing Crap“.
Q3/2011 - Agile By Example 2011 – Konferenz für agile Entwicklungsprozesse, Warschau, Polen
Q3/2011 - 4. Agile Breakfast Konstanz – Vortrag „Definition of Ready - Wann kann’s endlich losgehen?“
Q2/2011 - Certification: CSP: Certified Scrum Professional
Q4/2010 - Agile Eastern Europe 2010 - Konferenz für agile Entwicklungsprozesse in Kiew, Ukraine
Q3/2010 - IT-Vertragsrecht für Projektleiter
Q3/2010 - Java Forum Stuttgart 2010
Q2/2010 - Entwicklertag Karlsruhe 2010
Q1/2010 - StEP2010 – Konferenzbeitrag “Agile Methoden und Nearshoring – funktioniert das?”
Q3/2009 - Java Forum Stuttgart 2009
Q3/2009 - Entwicklertag Karlsruhe 2009
Q2/2009 - FuCamp 2009 – Presentation given: “Scrum – Einführung und Diskussion”
Q3/2008 - Consultingkompetenz für Senior Consultants
Q3/2008 - Java Forum Stuttgart 2008
Q4/2007 - Certification: CSPO: Certified Scrum Product Owner
Q1/2007 - Projektleiterseminar (Siemens)
Q1/2007 - Arbeitsmethodik und Zeitmanagement
Q1/2004 - Tutorial "Scrum - a Methodology to keep the Team going"
Q1/2003 - Datenbanktutorientage
Q4/2000 - Trainingskurs "Entwurf und Implementierung von verteilten Anwendungen mit OMG/CORBA"
andauernd - stetige Weiterbildung durch Engagement in diversen Fachgruppen sowie Besuch von Fachkonferenzen für Softwareentwicklung (Java, Web) und Management von IT-Projekten