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Profilbild von Dirk Klietsch SAP CRM Berater aus Kuesnacht
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Profilbild von Dirk Klietsch SAP CRM Berater aus Kuesnacht
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  • SAP CRM 7.0
  • SAP CRM Service
  • SAP CRM Sales and Marketing
  • SAP Middleware
  • SAP Data migration
Aug. 2013       SAP Consultant Freelance
Jan. 2016       Carl Zeiss
Oberkochen (Germany)
  • Data migration for SAP CRM Service
Zeiss was implementing a global CRM system with SAP doing the system implementation and Accenture the data migration part. I was first brought in to help defining standards and general concepts for the migration and define requirements and guidelines for data cleansing. Later I took over the actual migration itself and was responsible for the migration of SVC Contracts from the legacy system into the new CRM system.

Data migration of Sales and Service objects for CRM implementation
Design and documentation of general migration approach
Setup of migration tools (MS Access, LSMW, iDoc mapping) for data migration
Handling of different objects through the migration process with main focus on SVC Contracts

Jun. 2012       SAP Consultant Accenture
Mar 2014        Henkel
Düsseldorf (Germany)
  • IT Champion for CRM Sales and Service Teams
Henkel was implementing a global CRM system and I was brought in twice to help out with resource shortage and problems in the project. At first I my job was to write functional and technical designs for enhancements after the initial pilot had gone life. Then I was brought back later during the testing phase to deal with a high amount of problems and was leading a small team of developers to fix the issues that occurred. Due to the success in that role I was later given smaller enhancement projects to lead the implementation of those requirements.

Writing of functional designs in the area of SAP CRM SVC/SAM for a new CRM release
Test lead including IDC team management for SIT and UAT for global roll-out functionality
Test and deployment support for CRM enhancement package
Lead of small projects for sales enhancements
Support in analysis phase for CRM marketing implementation

Jan. 2012       SAP Consultant Accenture
May. 2012       VW
                        Wolfsburg (Germany)
  • Technical architect for SAP CRM System
VW was preparing to implement a global CRM system. My job was to write general high level designs and concepts for various areas of how to approach it and what would be needed. The concepts were a mix of standard best practices and experience from the previous project to avoid unnecessary problems.

Design of system infrastructure for global CRM Roll-out
Optimization and documentation of different project options and approaches
Creation of different concepts in the area of development, client structure, concept planning, output management, performance, technical monitoring and backup/failure concepts

Nov. 2008       SAP Consultant Accenture
Nov. 2011       Mettler-Toledo AG
                        Greifensee (Switzerland)
  • Technical architect for SAP CRM System
The project was a global CRM roll-out where I followed the whole cycle from writing the first business blueprints and ordering the hardware to rolling out the final CRM system in different countries around the globe. During my 3 years on the project I had worked in numerous different roles, teams and got to see the whole spectrum of all the activities that happen during such a roll-out in such a huge project.

Support in general setup of hardware structure and system landscape for the project and guidelines of how to run things
Setup of a document management system for SAP CRM
Creation of different mobile solutions for field technicians to use in their daily business
Support in setup of CRM Middleware between SAP CRM and SAP ERP
Afterwards taking over responsibility of running and monitoring MW including pricing replications from SAP ERP
  • IT Champion for CRM Sales and Service Teams
Move to SAP CRM Service and SAP SAM team
Writing of functional and technical designs for the area of SAP CRM Service
Lead of enhancement project for SAP SAM (mainly lead and campaign management)
Technical support in system upgrade from CRM 2007 to 7.01
Implementation of new enhancements for SAP CRM Service
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