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Profilbild von Mustafa Duelger OOP-PLC-Assembler-Fieldbus-C/C#/C++-Programmer aus Stuttgart
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  • Abschluss: Mechanical Engineering-Information Sciences
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Profilbild von Mustafa Duelger OOP-PLC-Assembler-Fieldbus-C/C#/C++-Programmer aus Stuttgart
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- very high experienced in OOP through C/C#/C++
- system design
- field bus (CANBUS,ModBUS, PROFIBUS,...)
- design of communication interfaces
- PLC (programmable logic control)
- embedded micro controller solution
- servo control system
- Hardware Programming - Assembler, C/C++ (ARM, AVR based micro controllers)

Some of the projects done:

- building automation projects using CANBUS
- Webcontroller
- Distributed Multilift-Elevator system simulation using CANBUS
- PLC:
    -> hardware realization using Atmel Mega series of Microcontroller
    -> development of IDE-Environment on PC for PLC-Programming (Kumanda)
    -> completely developed by using MS VS (more than 1m lines of code in C++)
- Field bus:
    -> ModBUS device simulation (Master-Slave)
    -> CANBUS node card development including driver software
- OPC (open proces control) drivers for distributed systems
Educational Qualifications:

1.         Pre-University high school certificate at Elmada? Lise in 1980.  Secured 80 % mark in aggregate.
2.         B.Sc. (Honors) in mechanical engineering at the Middle East Technical University [METU] in 1987. [METU - The very famous university in Turkey which hold entire education in English]. Secured 80 % mark in aggregate and obtained second position in the department and third in the faculty. Final year project is ‘Computer Aided Stability Analysis in Linear Systems by Root-Locus Method’.
3.        M.Sc. in mechanical engineering at METU in 1989. Completed the course work 99 % marks in aggregate and obtained first position.  M.Sc. thesis is ‘Computer Aided Design of Gearboxes for N.C. Machine Tools’.

4.        A scientific paper, “Computer-aided design of multispeed gearboxes”, is published in the well known journal of Computer Aided Design, Volume 25, Number 11, November 1993.

5.         M.Sc. in Information Sciences at Fachhochschule Esslingen - Hochschule für Technik in Esslingen, GERMANY. ‘Maschinenbau Informatik Aufbaustudium’. 1995.  Final year project is ‘Control of Traffic Signalisation through PLC - Programmable Logic Control’.

6.         Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Gaziantep, Turkey in 2003.  Ph.D. thesis is “Developing a software package for electronic jacquard system of classical textile machines”. 

  • Development of a data accusation system among building complex for home automation.  (Hard and software).
  • Design of electronics for dynamic systems. Microcontroller family of ATMEL and its programming in assembler.
  • Field system implementation, especially Profi and CAN bus system development and integration.
  • M-Bus implementation in metering devices.
  • Integration of Web Server functionality to electronic systems. Rapid microcontroller, TCP/IP stack and related programming in C.
  • Driver development for hardware components for Windows platform.
  • Development of Control and monitoring software packages for Windows platform.
  • Development of a full OPC server for a complete system.
  • Development of home automation system using CAN bus. The project includes design of node cards and related software components. 
  • Development of a new PLC system including Hard- and Soft-ware design. The system includes three different model. More than hundred parts are already put in practise. For more information please look at