We help customers to build Shared Services and Continuously Improve their business processes.

  • Am Wildpark 51
  • 40629 Düssedlorf
  • Deutschland

OUR MISSION is to help you take advantage of the fact that the world after all is small. Together we take parts of your business global to maximize value and create a talent pool that is engaged and empowered. 

OUR OBJECTIVE  is to enable your organization to meet the business goals by transforming to one that is customer and service oriented and flexible. Ultimately we optimize your value chain  leveraging cost and quality drivers but also building flexibility through an extended workbench. We achieve this by setting up and transitioning activities and processes into shared service centers located mainly in India and also by establishing a culture of continuous improvement.

WE COMMIT to the proposed transformation strategy and road map. We implement it and measure the success against the agreed strategic KPIs. Best results have been achieved when enabling few key resources ahead of the project. Early involvement increases acceptance of the transformation and reduces operational risks.

WE HAVE A MIX OF PEOPLE who have been into operations and consulting. They are experienced people located on-site in Germany and off-site in India, capable of setting up shared services and deploy continuous improvement. Our multicultural teams are used to collaborate within multi national environments and drive highly complex transformational initiatives.