Gyronimo, LLC

Gyronimo, LLC

Software für die Luftfahrtindustrie

  • Lanker Strasse 14
  • 40545 Düsseldorf
  • Deutschland

Gyronimo produces software for pilots and the aviation industry. Our main products are apps for iPad and iPhone. We also program data bases (HTML/PHP) as cloud systems for our mobile apps.
We are looking for freelance programmers (no agencies) in Europe, ideally in Germany (the company is based in Phoenix, USA, however we do hava a subsidiary in Duesseldorf, Germany)

We are looking for both experts and starters.

As an expert you should have good knowledge of PHP, HMTL5 and Xcode.
 Also wanted: An experienced programmer for SceneKit3D

For beginners / or students: 
We are looking for starters with basic knowledge of iOS Xcode.

Thank you!