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Talent International

We’re Talent, a leading tech and digital recruitment specialist working with tech professionals all over the globe. Personalberatung & -vermittlung

  • Talent International - Mindspace Office, Friedrichstrasse 68
  • 10117 Berlin
  • Deutschland
  • +49 030 5900 2020
  • lisa.bartlett@talentinternational.de
  • https://www.talentinternational.com/

Talent supplies thousands of tech and digital professionals annually to a diverse range of organisations through its offices across the UK, Germany, Australia, NZ and the US. From simple beginnings in 1995, Talent has always been on a journey to reinvent the world of recruitment through creating amazing customer and candidate experiences driven by a genuine desire to build long term relationships and outcomes. This motivation to break from the pack is stronger than ever as we roll out Talent Engage globally, an innovative life hub platform for freelancers based around rewarding loyalty and providing a range of professional and personal wellbeing programs.

At Talent we see community impact and legacy as vital to our business, which is why we tackle social bias and attitudes. We do this through our charity Talent RISE which provides employment opportunities for young people experiencing barriers to employment, and programs like 100% Human at Work promoting the importance of diversity, equality and respect in the workplace. Talent is also an active member of Virgin Unite’s B Team with a particular focus on the challenges and opportunities associated with the Future of Work.

We look to lead the way so we’re delighted to have our efforts acknowledged with 27 awards globally in the last few years from the likes of LinkedIn, EY, Deloitte, and Gallup who recognised Talent as one of the Top 40 companies in the world to work based on employee engagement.