HuDe GmbH

HuDe GmbH

HuDe GmbH is a successful, expanding and globally operating medium-sized company based in Erkelenz and a leader in special areas of ancillary and heavy machinery construction, especially for coking plants.

  • Gewerbestraße Süd 55
  • 41812 Erkelenz
  • Deutschland
  • 024319680-0

HuDe is an expert at efficient operation of coke ovens for both Top Charging and Stamp Charging.
HuDe supplies new machines and performs revamping and modernization work of existing equipment.

HuDe supplies automated and utilizes state-of-the-art modern coke oven machines including service tools for all areas of the Coke-Oven-Battery.
HuDe has the know-how for engineering, analysis and improvement of coke oven service processes in handling of coke and coal.

HuDe supplies PERFORMANCE.