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Lun in the amount of grassland, a large frozen meat can be sold with belt Huangyangchuan 20 dollars, almost half of the equivalent of a small shepherd fixed work-point income. Yellow sheepskin leather jacket is the finest raw materials. According to the collection stations said that the pilot's flight suit is to use yellow sheepskin. China's pilots also do not wear it. Inner Mongolia grassland produced every year all the yellow sheepskin exports to the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe for steel, automobiles and arms; Yellow Goat loin is still doing fine raw material of canned meat, and all exports. The last remaining meat and bones only people left to enjoy, all counties in Inner Mongolia is on the thin meat counter goods, nfl jerseys authentic with the ticket supply.
This large number of immigrants in the winter Gazelle has made border communes and counties in the leadership of pasture excited. Collection stations at all levels has been vacated warehouse, ready to open the acquisition. Cadres, such as hunters and herders, like the fishermen to get fish flood, like a big fight. Hunters and the legs of a horse groom, horse groom the team has most of the hunters rode fast horses, dogs and rifles to kill to bring Huangyangchuan go. Zhen Chen sheep have always been tied down, and no guns and bullets. Furthermore, the shepherd only four horses, not horse groom seven or eight horses, a dozen horses special horse. Educated youth, who can only watch helplessly catch hunters hunting. Two nights ago, Chen went to the front of the Zarb hunter blue wooden yurt, yellow sheep over a few days, he has played 11 big Gazelle, and a shot notice any wear two. A few days of hunting revenues faster horse groom three months to catch up with high wages. He proudly told Chen Zhen, cheap authentic jerseys he has put out income-generating livelihoods of tobacco a year, then play these days, wanted to buy a red card transistor radios, the new stay at home, the old horse to the groom's packets to flow. In his bag, Chen Zhen first time to eat fresh meat Huangyangchuan hand, he felt that this is the real game on the prairie. Huangyangchuan good run, but with no little scrap of meat, every pork fibers are competitive and long-term experience with the wolf out of the essence, as much as roe deer meat was fresh meat.
Since the sheep into the amount of grassland Lun Huang, a sudden loss of educated youth of Beijing team like second-class citizens. Two years, the educated youth has been independently cattle sheep, nfl jerseys cheap but also know nothing about hunting. However, in the eastern border in Inner Mongolia steppe nomadic mode of production, hunting seems to occupy a more important position. Mongolian ancestors Heilongjiang upstream forest hunters, then slowly into the Mongolian grasslands of semi-hunting and animal husbandry, hunting is an important income for each household, or even the main source of income. Lun in the amount of grassland nomads, the highest position horse groom, a good hunter for most of the horse groom. However, when launched to groom the educated youth in the very few, and when the groom's educated youth also launched only entering the door division of apprenticeship, even worse from a good horse groom too far away. So, when hunting the big flood coming, that they have almost become the new nomads of the Beijing educated youth who, only to find they do not rely on top.
Huang Zhen Chen fed lamb, nfl jerseys wholesale accept a blue wooden Zarb brother gave him a yellow leg of lamb, then went to the completion of Li-Ge bitterly elderly yurt.
Although the educated youth who have already moved into their yurts, but still like Chen Zhen go there often to the old father. The large yurt pretty, honest warmth. Mongolian and Tibetan religious designs hanging on walls one week of the tapestry, the floor covered with deer pattern carpet. Short square wooden table care Bowl and bowl bronze basin aluminum pot racks are polished. This day high and the emperor far away, the Red Guards "four olds" the tide has not yet broken into the old tapestry carpet up. Chen array that yurts, four educated youth are a high school classmate of Beijing, of which three are "gang capitalist roaders" or "reactionary academic authority" of the children, due to situation similar to the idea hit it off, nfl jerseys wholesale at that time ignorant of those radical Red Guards are very offensive and therefore in the early winter of 1967, together early farewell to the hustle and bustle of Beijing, to the prairie for a quiet life, get along with each other fairly harmonious. Bi Li-Ge elderly yurts, like a prairie tribe chief's tent, let him get more love and care, so that Chen Zhen feel warm and safe.
Two years, the elderly family has him as a member of the family, and Zhen Chen from Beijing brought two boxes full of books, especially Chinese and foreign books on Mongolian history, but also reduce the old father and He's the son of the relationship between the Han Chinese.
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