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Betreff: This detection lets the Chuang Rui come to fascination
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Chuang Rui at play of time, have already looked into with the spiritual influence, really is the article in Han Dynasty, because of my noodles ofIndeed containing spiritual influence, and presenting deep purple color is just an amount isn't a lot of, cheap authentic nfl jerseys but at Chuang Rui play of theIn the process, he seems the spiritual influence of feeling my noodles at slow-moving of increase
This detection lets the Chuang Rui come to fascination, if own felling is true, that is to say.These curio insideThe formation of noodles spiritual influence.Nourish with human body have fun absolutely can not take off a relation.
"Elder brother Song's younger brother just thinking wear to seek one or two play a dish dish of, you this jade cicada render up me calculate, how much you openPrice."The Chuang Rui doesn't know just that the felling is to isn't his/her own illusion, says again he before wants that seeking one is a little bit goodPlay a jade piece, this jade cicada contains three kinds of Qin colors.The jade quality is also quite good, unwillingly can attain Chuang Rui's requesting.
Sung soldier after hearing the words of Chuang fog stare blankly for a while.Subsequently smile don't smile of looking at Chuang Rui to ask a way:"How to wear, coach handbags on sale oldYounger brother, did you favor this trifle?"
"How?This still has what parlance?"The Chuang Rui sees Sung soldier smiles of a bit peculiar.BE not asked a way by openings.
"The parlance is to have no, however this trick price isn't low."
"Ah, I say elder brother Song, younger brother again didn't the saying not give you money, should be how much , you speak not finished."
The Chuang Rui is some to don't understand, however is a just a little trifle in Han Dynasty, the physical volume still so can be worth a few money.
Sung soldier hears after the words of Chuang Rui and also put just facial expression.The openings says:"Is all right, say for you like this, atA few months ago.I an old friend come back the jade, discount nfl jerseys cicada of eight knives of a man from the foreign Tao lane, the article of that jade cicada is mutuallyAnd jade quality still have a Qin color, all far not equal to I this, at that time he spent 200,000 buy come back of, you said me thisSell how much accommodation?"
"200,000?This pouring is really expensive, "
The Chuang Rui hears after this price, ate a surprised, pour isn't his Tao don't come out so much money, but because he picks up to leakHaving never spent is so many.He in mind deliberates now and spends 200,000 to buy this.Thing have fun to be worth unworthy.
"It is all right.Elder brother Song.That person spends 200,000.You this I 300,000 how?If the words agreed,Turn head it is dawn to seek a bank, I transfer to you
Zhuang Rui after thinking for a while still keeps deciding and buying, the thou jade generally and hardest runs into, and much less this jade cicada still takesThere are three kinds of Qin colors, if the dish liked, wholesale prada handbags the dish perhaps is worth of far not only 300,000 of.

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