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Betreff: The uncle of the teacher
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Be like round at the person here, 10 in have 67 even have never heard "dish jade"This phrase of.
But"idea dish" early tried for no man, at play the turn son of jade in, authentic cheap jerseys basically can't be mentioned,Is also relieve ex- some scholar refined scholarses occasionally will mention, virtuous uncle just know this kind of play.In front this old man yearAlthough age not is also don't know the parlance " idea dish".
"Let you say yes, you say, painting what ah
Crowd the behind is an a bit old of the voice spread out, however this tone is a bit not kind.Please adviseStill talk like this of and pour is not much, lead to win public support a person to look askance at in succession.
Just the Chuang Rui listens to this voice very the ear being familiar.Follow to produce to hope to go to, but drive crowd to hold up, could not see to talk of person.
"Ah, is a thou teacher uncle to come!"
The Chuang Rui suddenly thinks of this voice is who, net's sitting down hasn't been stained with the bottom on the sofa and hurriedly jumped, cheap jerseys from china Separate crowd on seeing, fruit not it however.Thou master son positive face smile the station of idea to looking at him outside the crowd.
"Thou teacher uncle.You also see my joke."The Chuang Rui simultaneously says.Part thou the master son let in let.
"The Hey didn't waste time today, this was the person of distinction of jade street."
"Originally this young man is like this an ancient teacher niece, no wonder that have level."
The ancient fame is in the jade field but very loud and clear.The person who knows him is also many, momentary.Round by the side of the sofaThe person of side discussed in succession.
Defend:Beat eye to know also and don't calculate much to the jade article.Some data combine not known actually on the net, everyone for the time being sees it, turn headI call in and teach severals, the expert goes.
Wait until after ancient master son sit down, the Chuang Rui speaks to ask a way, however once the words export, know that oneself asks many, cheap nfl jerseys from china As the master son in thou, take part in this time even state jadeite original stone commodity fair, again normal however.
"Do not I should come?You should come?"Thou the master son seem today the mood isn't so good, talk some blunt.
"The uncle of the teacher, I am invited by the friend come of, otherwise I which know have here what jade commodity fair
The answer way of Chuang Rui honesty, if not that Sung soldier tells him this matter, he still really doesn't know.
"?BE so, that I pour is blame wrongly you
Dare the feeling is ancient the master son is to think true Rui the time in Nanking, the wager stone tasted sweetener, this time again think to that the wager is a, He is grandpa Rui in the Chuang's student, have the feeling of a late lament to the Chuang Rui, is consider as Chuang Rui son niece to treat,Don't want to see the Chuang Rui addict to a wager stone in, Cheap prada handbags so the tone just talking isn't very good to listen.

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